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    Caught: Small Mazda Crossover Undergoes Winter Testing

    I hope it can compete with the Tiguan.
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    09 Speed 3 Blown Trans/clutch 20k miles dealer refuses to fix.

    I am baffled that they even tried to drive the car after it was brought in to the dealership in that condition.
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    2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo priced at $24,145

    Game over all competitors
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    2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo priced at $24,145

    Hyundai Announces Prices for All-New Sonata 2.0T Turbo Twin-Scroll Turbocharger and Direct Injection Give Sonata 2.0T 274 HP, 33 MPG on Regular Fuel * The Sonata 2.0T debuts with Hyundai's first four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engine * With a remarkable 33 mpg...
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    2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo priced at $24,145

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo priced at $24,145 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Hyundai's ever-expanding Sonata lineup will soon include the delectable 2.0T model, packing a turbocharged and direct injected 2.0-liter (Theta II) four-cylinder. You've probably already memorized the most important figures...
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    Raptor GT (Rotary Super Car)

    Very neat. This is proof that extra letters in your badge is +300-400 hp.
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    Mazda5 Fighter: Ford C-Max coming to the US

    Nice interior
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    SoundDeadenerShowdown install on the P5

    Perfect, thanks for the great write up!
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    SoundDeadenerShowdown install on the P5

    Thanks for the reply! I'm wondering if you could clear this up: So, then how is the CCF+MLV layer held down to the floor? Velcro? If I wanted, I could just glue everything down and make it permanent right? I read and understood the 25% rule from the SDS website but I was just wondering...
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    SoundDeadenerShowdown install on the P5

    AMAZING! I just read SDS website last week in hopes of doing this to my Mazda3. I find this so daunting since I have never done an audio install. I have tons of questions I'm hoping you can help me answer! How much material did you need to purchase? I would like to obviously purchase the...
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    Hmm, so do the dealers even know what they are selling?

    If you want to know the exact model (GT vs sport) ask for the VIN. Then you can use CarFax to check the history of the vehicle and the model information. Keep in mind to use carfax only as something to give you additional information to what you can find out by talking to the seller and...
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    Sub+ Amp Installation/ Stock Head Unit

    Kain, are you making house calls again?
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    Gymkhana 3 OMGGG

    Holy shiza, his tires disappeared!
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    Ariel Atom V8

    Just read another article (worldcarfans) that says the redline is actually 16,500 RPM. Which is true?
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    Driving the SSC Ultimate Aero, world's second fastest car

    Wow how much money does Shelby have? Exponential to 3-4 million dollars? That can quickly become a massive amount.
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    Blown Motor, Needing Advice

    His point is that he is at 4 years + 1 month. So 1 month past the warranty expiry date. Not that this will help you or that it's any of your fault but I've come to realize that saving the mileage on a car that is under warranty can be counter-productive. Driving only 9k miles in 4 years did...
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    What floor jack do you have?

    I'm going to try the jack on the frame rails next time instead of the scissor jack. I just really wanted to be able to lift two wheels at the same time by using the front cross member.
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    What floor jack do you have?

    This is probably a dumb question but how are you guys able to pump the handle when the jack is under the front cross member? I have the Torin jack linked above, although I think I have the 2.5 Tonne version, and I can get the jack in place under the front cross member but cannot pump the handle...
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    Damn meathead at the gas station.

    Hahah, lol'ing hard at this thread.
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    Chrysler turns Ram pickup into a war wagon

    Don't worry officer, that's my fishing rod holster, no need to look in there.