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  1. LeeShadow

    CX-50 Supplied Floor Mat(s) Issue

    The regular or premium carpet OEM mats, or the weather ones? I've owned 6 Mazda vehicles to date and never had any issues with the OEM mats coming off of the floor pegs, including with my 50 (premium mats in mine). But, their OEM carpet mats are pretty abysmal in terms of quality and even the...
  2. LeeShadow

    What have you done to your CX-50 today?

    Wait a minute--the cargo cover stores in that spot?!?! How did I miss that!
  3. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Hitch and Harness Info

    I forgot to mention in my post that I did exactly the same thing, and indeed it was a pain to then score it repeatedly with a utility knife and eventually get it cut after the installation. I was paranoid about slipping and slicing the bumper itself. AND I had to take off more after the first...
  4. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Splash Guards Installation

    Primarily the angle of lighting in my photos and the different directional planes of surface there. A clear example of that is the lighter appearance of the rear left door and the cladding indentation looking much lighter than the front in the full side photo, and that's all factory (and...
  5. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Thule Crossbars are LOUD

    There's a MZD service alert regarding crossbar noise. Doesn't really provide any solution other than to advise customers to remove them when not in usage, but I found the info about the design difference between the 50's bars and the CX-5/9's interesting. The 50's bars are flatter to support...
  6. LeeShadow

    Mazda increasing CX-50 production

    Just saw this weekend 2 other CX-50's out in the wild here in SFL.
  7. LeeShadow

    Just Picked Up a CX-50

    Congratulations and finally! Enjoy! That combo was my first choice, but my dealer didn't have ANY terracotta interiors and at the time there was only one Polymetal/Terra available in my state and that other dealer wouldn't trade. But thankfully my 2nd choice was and a trade was made....
  8. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Hitch and Harness Info

    Someone on another CX-50 forum was kind enough to post that Curt has now released a CX-50 specific hitch: Curt CX-50 Hitch Appears to mount to the same spot on the vehicle. Unlike OEM, it is a single piece so less bolt points to potentially loosen. Doesn't seem to have places for the rear...
  9. LeeShadow

    Current CX-50 Owners: Wired CarPlay?

    Looks like there are tweaks available for jailbroken iPhones which permit direct usage via CarPlay of original video streaming and other non-officially supported apps. Here's one I just found at random, but cannot vouch for anything about it: CarPlayEnable
  10. LeeShadow

    Current CX-50 Owners: Wired CarPlay?

    As of now, neither YT, NF or other streaming video iOS apps are compatible with CP in any vehicle due to the driver distraction factor. There are ways around that, including jailbreaking and also certain 3rd party CP dongles and more complex/expensive "boxes" which will also enable screen...
  11. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Hitch and Harness Info

    Some photos to show positioning--it doesn't stick out terribly far. The plain tube cover I purchased separately, as the one provided with the hitch with the Mazda logo is nice but there's no collar to prevent it being lost (just snaps in).
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  16. LeeShadow

    Questions Before I Buy CX-50

    When I dropped by my dealer last week to pick up the hitch & harness, ran into my sales guy looking glum. Not sure how true it all is, but he said: All their inbound CX-50's are being sold before physical arrival and demand outstrips availability. Interestingly, he mentioned that it is...
  17. LeeShadow

    Turbo Premium Vs Turbo Premium Plus Trim

    I was going to post some pics myself, but was embarrassed by my messy garage :ROFLMAO:--thank you!
  18. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Hitch and Harness Info

    Completed the hitch and harness installation between yesterday's late start (hitch) and today (wiring). Bloody hot in our non-climate controlled garage here in FL. Some hints if anyone also wants to try this themselves: Ramps, jacks or lift not necessary, but use them if you can--plenty to...
  19. LeeShadow

    Turbo Premium Vs Turbo Premium Plus Trim

    The Premium Plus Turbo I think is the only trim with the front cam, as part of the overall 360 view system. Yes, it can be activated at will by the dash button and there are different views offered (front, wide front, rear, composite overhead view, etc). You can toggle through those by that...
  20. LeeShadow

    CX-50 OEM Hitch and Harness Info

    And here are some hitch and mount plates pics--those ugly crooked labels will be removed before installation :p