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    CX-5 Turbo models have bigger brakes

    The reasons for warping aren’t really connected to brake size, in fact that a small problem is amplified with diameter because the run out is amplified too. They’re easy to work on so new rotors are not a big job but if you’re light on the brakes, abrasive pads will do more to keep the rotors...
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    Where did yrwei52 go?

    I’d noticed his absence too. He’s usually a regular on here.
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    Oops. 2016 Electric Parking Brake actuator motor crushed...A little

    I run the uk CX5 owners club and there’s a whole raft of files in there including some on the epb. You can have a read until I get the proper one. Example
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    Oops. 2016 Electric Parking Brake actuator motor crushed...A little

    They unbolt off the caliper and are quite straight forward. I’ll have the instructions at home but can’t get them to you before weekend because I live in the uk but currently in Florida. If you didn’t line the pin in a slot, it won’t adjust properly because the pin stops the whole piston...
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    Learnings from messing with my 2018 KF CX5

    I couldn’t make sense of it either.
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    What leather cleaner protectant for the Parchment leather seats?

    Meguires leather wipes once a week kept my stone leather seats pristine. The looked like new the day I sold it.
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    Learnings from messing with my 2018 KF CX5

    Not for me. It sounds like you are systematically destroying it and it will be dreadful to ride in by the time you’ve done.
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    Automatic Emergency Brake Impact on Car?

    The system continues to track a car until it’s completely clear of you’re hypothetical lane. You have to remember that it doesn’t assume you can see it. It could be dark and foggy or have no tail lights. The radar cruise control will also react badly to somebody cutting across your lane.
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    Cracked cylinder head (2018 CX-5)

    Thanks for this. It’s not so much a new cylinder head but it’s only as good as the mechanic that fits it. I cringe at some of the things I see on YouTube done by so called professionals. Not only that but I don’t really want a reworked new car. I’ve cancelled my order on a 2.5 AWD, not...
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    Cracked cylinder head (2018 CX-5)

    Is the cracked head a known problem? Has it been fixed in production?
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    CX-5 new light style thoughts

    I’m not offended by the new lights as long as they perform as well as the previous which were absolutely fantastic. I’ve tried a new 2022 Lexus with the triple beams but they weren’t as good as my 19 CX-5. I’m always wary of cost cutting when I see a design change. I prefer the look of the...
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    Wrap Shifter Console in Matte Black (Gloss Black Delete)

    One of the practical mods I’ve seen. Mazda really should do away with that.
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    Rear CX-5 brakes dragging

    Haha, good point but globally every year people get hurt or worse by runaway cars and these systems let little granny Clampet set the handbrake just as well as Jethro. A funny story on the same subject, over here in Europe, French manufacturer Citroen produced a car called a Xantia (Zantia)...
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    Switching from Two Wheel Drive to All Wheel Drive, what are the differences?

    It is true that the traction control has a lot less to do on an AWD than a FWD but when turning out of a side street it depends how tight the turn is for how long. On really tight turns it will back the drive clutch off to prevent the phenomenon of “tight corner braking” where the front and...
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    Switching from Two Wheel Drive to All Wheel Drive, what are the differences?

    Keep in mind that if your talking about a new or late model AWD, it has been tweeked and it now includes a trail mode for particularly difficult situations (within the scope of a soft roader). Some interesting comments above about how much the rear wheels come into play and that is possibly...
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    Rear CX-5 brakes dragging

    Try opening this. You can see the mechanism in the drawings and more importantly the date stamp needs higher than 697 to be of the modified type. By the way, the caliper carried over to the second generation KF model despite the TSB saying KE...
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    Rear CX-5 brakes dragging

    That’s what I’m saying, have you priced one from the dealer? It might be the same as buying some tires or an exhaust but it is your brakes after all. I’m a mechanic by trade and 17 years specifically in the brake industry (which is where my handle comes from) and my instinct would be pull it...
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    Rear CX-5 brakes dragging

    I can’t get at my files as I’m in Florida at the moment but the caliper adjustment works by taking up backlash in the threads as the clearance increases. If you turn the piston you strain the threads which are the main components. Have you priced up a replacement caliper?