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    I present: Slacker Mobile 2.0

    Car sold yesterday with all the parts on it for an okay price. Its making the trip from PA to MI to be a new car for a kid going to college. Guess thats the end of this story. thanks for the help guys!
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    I present: Slacker Mobile 2.0

    Sad day but it looks like its time to part the big things off the car and get it onto a new owner. New job that doesn't require me to carry things or drive crazy miles so i think i'm going to get into something more comfortable for my 5 mile ride to work.
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    Get Rid of Car Alarm!!!

    Any ideas on how to stop the push button from being required to start the car? Mine's been like that for over a year and its getting old having to push it in.
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    Paint rusty brake callipers red

    When I painted I didn't use a printer. I took them off and cleaned them up with a wire brush and then painted them with some caliper paint.
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    Isport rear protege5 wing lip add on

    Totally agree. If i didn't have one already i'd be all over this.
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    Isport rear protege5 wing lip add on

    If you do, make sure the fiberglass around the leading edge is thicker then the original. Mine is splitting there after only a year and a half of being mounted.
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    Greetings from Pennsylvania

    Welcome, Lancaster here.
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    OFFICIAL: Protege RARE Parts Thread...

    I'm assuming the functional cowl hood is fairly rare. Not sure what brand it is.
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    Subwoofer install pics

    Honestly I was a bit disappointed in the sound output. I took the 12 from my other car and hooked it up.
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    Where do y'all put your smart phones?

    I have a note2 and it goes under my e-brake handle. Bluetooth for everything though i miss the center console of my other car.
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    "Hellabroke" Protege 5 on a college Budget

    That EGR looks like what mine did when i took it off a few weeks ago. Sucks when everything is rusted!
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    MSP Lip, MS axle-back, TWM, AWR, Progress

    Any idea how far out the muffler sticks out on a p5? I'm interested.
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    What is my engine doing to these poor spark plugs

    I'm running the NGK ZFR5F-11 which I thought was recommended longer throw from the FAQ. I guess i'm just surprised that this car eats plugs so much. I got SVT Contour that doesn't eat plugs nearly as much as this. Thanks for the link BOOSTR those pictures are really helpful.
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    What is my engine doing to these poor spark plugs

    They are approx 12k miles old. I was getting a low RPM misfire in Cylinder 2 so I got a new coil pack and put new plugs in it. The plugs that came out sort of concern me. I don't know a whole ton about how they should look but I wouldn't expect them to be this beat up in only 12k miles. I...
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    COBB Shift Knob

    I put some washers under the boot to get to fit tight against the TWM knob on the TWM shifter. The Mazdaspeed knob fit perfectly.
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    Well guess what I did today?

    Interesting two tone paint job. Are the winglets on the front bumper molder in add-ons is it is a different front bumper?