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    Anyone use an aftermarket CarPlay device for pre-Mazda connect models?

    Nope, none Bose 6 speaker. It would work with the Bose unit too with a bit more effort.
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    Installing a radio in 2014 CX5 video

    I recently installed a Pioneer NEX 1330 with Apply Car Play and love it. Got tired of the factory radio starting at the first song on on my iPod every time I restarted the car and taking forever to load. Currently working on a 3-way active front stage with a JL TwK DSP.
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    Anyone use an aftermarket CarPlay device for pre-Mazda connect models?

    I just installed the Pioneer NEX 1330 with CarPlay in my 2014 CX5.
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    Direct injection carbon buildup on intake valves could be thing of the past

    My old thread has been resurrected (dunno)
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    Does the 2.5L get peppier after the first few thousand miles?

    He's a little too late to the game, free bump to this old thread!
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    Recommendations for 2015 CX-5 head unit upgrade?

    I have the AVH 5800 BHS HU in my Toyota Sienna and its a good unit. I've mostly run Alpine units with my previous cars.I had an Alpine HU recently in my Mazda5 that I sold 6 months ago and I prefer Alpine because of their awesome sound shaping tools. The time alignment and that 9 band parametric...
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    2014 Soundproofing/Speaker Install Project

    I used just regular Damplifier on the inner and outer skins of all 4 doors and from under the front seats back to the trunk and the hatch. I aimed to cover about 40% of the metal as I found out during testing that adding more than that didn't return much benefit but just added more weight. Just...
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    Has anyone used this for noise dampening?

    I've used many but not that one. You don't want to skimp on that product after tearing apart your entire car to apply it. Sound Deadener Dhowdown CLD tiles or second skin Damplifier are the two best I've used. For a lightweight alternative Sonic Barrier lightweight vinyl, part number 268-035...
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    Looking for some tips on how to buff out scuff marks on my plastic interior.

    You can scratch up the rest of it so it all matches and is consistent.:D
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    Kindof a sad day.

    Well, since this thread has gone off topic and the OP doesn't seen to mind I'll chime in here too. I'm totally for the sleeper, no show but all go. I like things that are different and custom the way true hot rodding used to be where you created something that no one else has or thought of from...
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    2015 CX-5 noise when unlocking door at morning

    Exactly what you said! Tccox, if yours is making a noise only when it gets hot than you may have a different problem unrelated to this one.
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    2015 CX-5 noise when unlocking door at morning

    My 2013 did it and now my 2014 does only when it's very cold out. Dealer said they are aware of it and the replacement would eventually make the same noise. The mechanic said it has something to do with the viscosity of the grease getting stiffer when cold that makes the solinoid make that noise...
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    Using Bluetooth vs. USB to play music

    Using the USB cable will give you better sound quality over a Bluetooth connection because the already compressed MP3 files are compressed over the Bluetooth connection resulting in compromised lows and highs. I can easily tell the difference on mine by just comparing them with the same song. I...
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    Amplifier install on 2016 CX-5 Bose with PAC AOEM-MAZ2 adapter

    Very nice write up! I used that PAC in my 2014 Ford F150 and it worked well. Tested it against my Audio Controls Lc2 and they were comparable sans bass eq. I used a DQ-61 for my CX5, which is a line driver with time alignment and EQ. The Lc2 would fix that factory EQ at 45 hrz or you could use...
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    Anyone install Apple Carplay on 2013-2015 CX-5?

    I have my eye on the Pioneer NEX 4200 with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto, which is currently $700 from Crutchfield with a $100 mail in rebate but I still have a hard time coughing up $600 for a new head unit. A new head unit like this with 13 band EQ, digital time alignment, auto EQ, and...
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    Bridgestone Dueler h/l ecopia 422 & experiences on CX-5

    I drove 53,000 miles on my original Yokohama 17" G91 tires with legal tread still left on them and they never gave me any trouble and performed decently through two winters and three summers. For a cheap crappy tire as some say I think they were decent tires. Tires are so much like brakes; the...
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    Are there compelling performance mods for the 2.5??

    One only has to look at the new Mazda Skyactiv 2.5 turbo motor in the new CX9 and compare it to the NA motor to find out if there is a difference mechanically between the two. I think it will only be a matter of time before Mazda trickles this turbo technology into other vehicles they have like...
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    Continental True Contact Review

    I put those on my Mazda5 and my observations where that they do ride a little soft as well. They are excellent in the snow though and they handle the wet well too. I think compared to the OEM Mazda5 tires though they feel a little less sporty. Noise seems to be quieter at first but then becomes...
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    Rear brakes gone at 15k..

    I agree, I've been doing this for years with all my vehicles as preventative maintenance and I have never had a caliper freeze on me, including my two Mazda's.
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    Getting ready to order

    Well, the Sony stopped working so I traded that in for an Alpine 163bt and bought an Alpine 45 watt x 4 power pack to power the pioneer full range speakers. This is why I buy my major components from Crutchfield because if you have an issue they back you up with outstanding technical and...