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    Mazda6 supply and pricing now and in 6 months?

    What are our expectations for the supply of new and used Mazda6s over the next 6 months? Needing to add a second vehicle to our household, for the hubs. Just about paid off my CX-5. Absolutely love it, and the Mazda6. Don't care that the 6 is discontinued or that it hasn't been upgraded in...
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    Where are the Reserves?

    Its not a bad strategy, and the preservation of lower trims and the introduction of the Cx-30 ensures there are cheaper options. Targeting the sub premium crowd is also smart because that crowd is not only more brand loyal, but more credit worthy. For direct lending, there is less subprime...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    In the market for a 2018 GT FWD w PP. Last time I bought a new car, I was able to drill down on rebates (either customer or dealer) as well as anticipated holdback. I realize the japanese fiscal year is ending 4/1 and right now is, more or less, the end of mazda's financial year. Can...