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    Can't get comfortable!!

    I think all responses from owners with trim levels above the Sport could be excluded. The problem with the Sport model isn't the cushion per se, but the overall lack of adjustability the seat provides. Add in an MT and the level of the front edge makes a large difference in comfort. I agree...
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    too many of them

    Hahaha I made mention of this months ago in the 'Seen' thread.
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    too many of them

    I see mostly 3's... There are too many CX-5's in my hood though.
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    Seeing them on a daily basis now, including the new white one coming up Tower road the other day. Th driver acknowledged me as we passed (hadn't had that happen before, reminds me of the old Honda commercial- You meet the nicest people on a Honda lol).
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    Guide 2014 CX-5 Heated Mirrors - How To Install

    Yes many thanks! Like nizzy I too have a '13 Sport, and am interested in this mod. Armed with this info I may look further into the possibility, my only issue is that I need to tend to the drivers side mirror vibration. I can at least research the wiring a bit better now me thinks.
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    "rattle: behind drivers seat

    Check the passenger's side seat belt if you've had a passenger recently.
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    CX-5 Watch

    My $75 Zodiac has kept me on time for over a decade. Now if this were an IWC, I might take a a look...
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    Disable continuous armrest charger port

    Not familiar with a Zune at all so bear with me if you would, are you not able to connect to the USB port and have it act as removable media like a flash drive?
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    Speaker replacement for 6 speaker touring?

    You crack me up lol
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    Disable continuous armrest charger port

    News to me, I thought the USB (you do mean that right?) port shut off with the car, even the '14 models. There was some complaints here on that very issue, maybe I'm mistaken. I'm sure my massively popular, not designed in WA and is still in production portable music device does in fact not...
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    Speaker replacement for 6 speaker touring?

    I put Infinity REF-6502ix in the front and 6032si in the rear door. The dash speakers are tweets and difficult to install, you can put those db351's in there and run them in parallel with the front door speakers, since that's how they are wired from the factory. Consider a component system for...
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    What MPG are you getting???

    The Stripper gets the rated mileage, 29/35.
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    CX-5 For a family car?

    Drove to the Grand Canyon with 2 kids ( 1 in a seat + jog stroller) and my wife, loaded it up and went on our merry way. Had 2 sleeping bags, blankets and our all of stuff. We were comfortable and enjoyed the trip. 1600 miles all told.
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    CX-5 Bike Hauler?

    Yeah I hear ya, and I understand Texas isn't always the friendliest of states towards cyclists (Austin probably best I'd guess). That said, a member on another car forum I hang out at rides a lot in the D/FTW area. He have a pretty hilly terrain in in San Diego. Makes your legs and lungs grow...
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    CX-5 Bike Hauler?

    You're the man ( or maybe wo-man lol)!
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    Mpg display issues

    Ahhh I thought you were only watching the current status. I did have the average meter act funny after gassing up in Needles and when driving up in elevation, my avg mpg had been in the thirties, but now dropped to the low twenties. It bothered me but it evened out after I reached my destination...
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    Mpg display issues

    What you're seeing is normal. When the display shows the current mpg, that number will be all over the place depending on driving conditions. For instance, if you are coasting down a hill at 70 mph and have your foot relaxed from the accelerator, the display should read upwards of 99.9 mpg...
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    Advice on buying CX5 in New Jersey with California registration

    Like the border agent at Buckman Springs said to me as I were re-entering California 15 years ago from Georgia, welcome but I'd turn around and go back to where you came from! ( seriously he said that lol). What paris1 said was what I was understood, but hopefully someone will chime in with some...
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    Brand New Sled as in Red, Soul Red

    Congrats, welcome to the fold!
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    hood vibration?? Please read

    I set a large naked woman on top of the hood. It dampens out the vibrations and keeps my eyes straight ahead. The vibrations do her wonders as well...