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    Grinding shifts, heavy shifting and Clutch issues

    I used to have the same problem, all the same symptoms. I tried new motor mounts (all of them), new master and slave cylinders, Flushed the fluid twice, poly shifter bushings, exhaust wrap on the section under the shifter, bought a new clutch (but never got around to installing it, it never...
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    Build or Sell? What to do with the P5

    I do concur, the P5 does look better.
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    Build or Sell? What to do with the P5

    I literally just got rid of the P5 tonight. It was hard to let it go after a fun 9 years with it. I ended up buying an 11 GTI last summer, and the difference is night and day. It handles as good (if not better after the suspension upgrades), but when you step on the go pedal, forget about it. It...
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    G.I. audio system

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
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    G.I. audio system

    Well here's some old pics, no matter what I try, this site won't let me upload new pics. It's been that way for a while for me, just never did anything about it. If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.
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    G.I. audio system

    Every time I try to upload pics from my phone it tells me an error has occured. Gonna try to dig up a good old fashioned camera and try that way.
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    G.I. audio system

    Sorry, pics didn't attatch, gimme a few minutes here......
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    G.I. audio system

    Hello all, the time has come for me to get rid of the P5. :( I'm debating selling it with the system in it or not, so I'm checking here to see if anyone would be interested in a custom system for their car. The system includes the following pieces: Pioneer Premier AVIC F90 navigation double din...
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    Goodbye P5, you will be missed.

    Thank you very much, getting ready to take the cover off of it and pull it out of hibernation soon. How are you liking the 6? I just installed heated seats in one today, seems like a pretty nice car.
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    Goodbye P5, you will be missed.

    I am soon to be in the same boat, selling my p5 in the next few weeks. On the plus side, I bought a GTI and couldn't be happier!
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    Alternator belt shredded due to alpine sound system

    I wouldn't rule out the alternator being the culprit, I went through 3 in a matter of months. All were "new" reman's that failed in different ways. First one just didn't charge after a couple weeks, second one the nut that holds the pulley came loose and was just spinning freely, and the third...
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    Brian_K's Build Thread

    I saw that, I cried a little.
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    Brian_K's Build Thread

    I've had it for 9 years, she's getting old and tired, bunch o' rust, an annoying tick in the engine, never quite figured out the shifting issue when hot I bought a GTI over the summer. It's waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more fun than the p5! What sucks is that I bought the VW literally 2...
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    Brian_K's Build Thread

    Nicely did. It pains me to keep following everyone's build threads knowing I'm getting rid of mine at the end of winter. :(
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    What's a worthy successor to the P5, 2005-2012?

    I just bought a 2011 GTI a bunch of months ago to replace my aging P5 (which sadly has been downgraded to winterbeater after 8 years as my daily), and I absolutely love it. Everything about it is so much nicer, fit and finish, comfort, build quality. And then there's the giddy factor of hitting...
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    New MP5 owner.

    You need the mounting sleeve and trim ring for the alpine, that's why it doesn't fit.
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    Circuit's 03.5 Protege5

    looks good
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    Finally finished my system.....

    So this project has been roughly 8 years in the making. I finally rebuilt the doors to hold some JL ZR8 woofers. To do this, I had to first move the door speakers, so I rebuilt the a pillars to hold Focal 5 1/4" polyglass components. The sub in the headliner was built about 6 years ago and can...
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