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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Dealer A took out Freight from MSRP, will add it back, subtracted any available offer, and combined them all, even if you don't qualify for them, took out the amount of their processing fee, depending on your state, this can be in the range of $800 and up.
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    Mazda5 Wheel Fitment & Photo Guide

    Installed my RX-8 wheels this weekend. I have MS3 brakes and new struts/shocks to go on when I have a long weekend. I'm thinking I wlll install some springs as well, the RX-8's increased the ride height much more than I was expecting.
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    Mazda5 Wheel Fitment & Photo Guide

    Yay i'm back. I picked up some RX-8 with new 225-40 tires this weekend. I've seen people mention putting spacers on in the rear, is that a necessity, or is that for a more flush look?
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    Lease is up in a year, what next?

    So, I have a lease that is ending in a year. I have one child, and we are hoping for another on, in the not so distant future. I have always been anti CUV, and no desire for a MiniVan, but I want something large enough for a dog crate. So that leaves me with, an E Class wagon(3-4 years old...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    They are not. Special Mazda financing(financing is how they make money outside of the shop), and selling a CX-5 below sticker, they are NOT making money. Selling new cars is so cutthroat for dealers, they really are making very little. But there is nothing wrong with that! Sounds like a...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Where I live, Virginia, but right outside of DC, if pay sales taxed based on the state you title the car. DC and MD paid MUCH more in sales tax, but in VA you pay a property tax every year you own the car. Give and take i guess.
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    Unlimited Paintless Dent Repair for $595?

    Free oil changes for life, "as long as the suggested maintenance is completed on time at the dealership"
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    A nice token/gift from Mazda after taking delivery of new CX9

    Mazda used to send out a care package after you did the survey, maybe it is the same still.
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    "Nappa" leather in Signature trim

    Touring Leather-trimmed seats (1st and 2nd-row outboard seating positions) GT Leather-trimmed seats (1st and 2nd-row outboard seating positions) Signature Nappa leather-trimmed seats Leather trimmed seats (1st and 2nd-row outboard seating positions) All three trim levels have a very small...
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    Bought a new 2017 CX5 - should I purchase extended warranty?

    If you do want to buy an extended warranty, they ARE negotiable. offer like $500 dollars and make sure the deductible is $0
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    No CD Player Available in new 2017 Mazda CX-5

    Exactly, how am I supposed to hook up my disc-man
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    Which new 19" tires to buy?

    even if you work at one, I would say to get far, far away from a dealership on tires. Even when I worked for one, they tried to rip me off on services. One time I needed tires, the service manager was nice enough to tell me not to get tires from a dealership. That was just my experience...
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    Financing new CX-5 Question

    I sold cars for a year, Mazda included. Mazda uses a "customer cash" offer, and not a "rebate." A manufacture rebate HAS to be offered when it is available(Nissan is this way). A "cash" type offer, including loyalty, does not HAVE to be offered. The dealer can hold on to it if the consumer...
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    Project: "Last RX-7" by Herblenny

    I honestly have nothing against it, I just noticed it, that's all. One of these days I'll own an FD, but owing a house with a garage in Metro DC.. UGH
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    Project: "Last RX-7" by Herblenny

    That engine bay in the mock up car
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Worked in a Mazda dealership as a sales person for a year. ALWAYS get OTD pricing in writing or email. To make life easier on yourself and the dealer, KNOW THE CAR YOU WANT. In the metro DC area there are a LOT of Mazda dealerships in the area to find the exact one you want. In more remote...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Mazda does regional car show incentives. They do one in the metro-DC area when the DC auto show rolls around.
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    How the CX-5 gets to exist...

    They Just HAD to show the diesel turbo charged motors for the CX-5...