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    All weather mats question

    Had there been any consensus about options for the 6 seater without the center console? Just picked up a CX9 Carbon and can't seem to find mats other than the weathertech that fit the 2nd row.
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    WTB : OEM CX-7 wheels

    Anyone have one wheel for sale? Would also consider the entire set if the price is right. Thanks
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    Advantages of 2008.5 Mazda 3 Hatch over 2008

    Sport vs touring vs GT??? Other than the new colors and cosmetic upgrades there isn't much of a difference. But it depends on the level also. In the GT, they now include a power driver seat for $300 extra.
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    2009 Mazda is just a freshening

    They already started this refresh for the 08 model year with the 08.5. Everything in that post is basically done already in the 08.5 with some small changes here and there.
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    Placed my order for a Mz3 s GT Stormy Blue Mica...
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    You are the greatest! I can't thank you enough for this enough. How do I figure invoice price? Hehehehe Wait a sec, that's the price listed as MSRP for the s Grand Touring AT 2.3L 4-DOOR WITH 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. 21,480 is on website, guess the power seats didn't raise the price...
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    iPod Remote

    just found this ( and think it might be the perfect solution for hands free ipod management with minimal cost. Add that to the belkin ipod charger with the 3.5mm out to the aux and I think my ipod problem disappear. Anyone else have...
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    As pricing been released for the 2008.5 s line yet? The power seat was suppose to add to the price, but no one seems to know exactly how much.
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    MS3 Bulb Guide

    Note the 07+ has 9006 fogs. Not that you care since you are looking for interior bulbs. But just a FYI!
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    SO the dilemma becomes, 2008.5 which I won't get till mid-april or May or wait to see the possible redesign of the 09 Mz3.... uumm.. tough choice!
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    I need suggestions and comments about the alarm on the 2008 3 GT.

    I have been doing serious research on all the additions / mods I need for the new 2008.5 I plan to order. Since I am ordering it direct from factory, I am making sure all the options are ordered and installed there. But I'm stuck on a few of the options, one of those being the stock Anti-Theft...
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    Glad the MS3 is a Hatchback...

    Fit my 46" Sharp tv in my 4 door 3 on black Friday. Had to un-box it and leave it in the Styrofoam to keep it stationary on the back seat.
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    I thought about it, but there are 2 reasons I am not getting the speed. 1. No Moon roof 2. I would kill myself in that car And I think those are excellent reasons!
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    So if I order soon what's the chance of it coming before the end of Feb? Would a better bet be to see what the dealers get in stock first?
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    Scratch that, with 2008.5 around the corner i'm now thinking Stormy Blue my first choice and Metro Grey 2nd choice!
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    i hate nyc...

    I feel your pain! My totaled car was sitting out front of my body shop, getting ready to be towed by the insurance company. It was towed by the Marshall for outstanding tickets I had already sent a check in for. Had to go pay the tow fees, storage, tickets... Get to the yard to get my car back...
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    Was talking to a friend of mine tonight and I said the exact same thing. If that was my thing I would buy it back for a profit and retrofit it.
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    I'm thinking I'll go with the 08 Mazda3 s Grand Touring this time around, either Aurora Blue or Galaxy Grey Mica.
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    It was officially written off by the insurance company a few days ago.
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    I skipped over a median on an on ramp, I was going about 35 MPH at the time. it was pure concrete and of course it didn't budge. Took out the entire under chassis. I'm not much of a mechanic so I saw parts on left on that ramp I've never seen before. Broke the suspension on the front passenger...