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    Is the CX-9 4 cylinder engine enough?

    Around town from stoplights, etc its fine. Not a rocket, or sluggish. Just fine. The sweet spot of the powerband is when your accelerating to pass. Like 35 and moving up to 50 (2500 moving to 3500 rpm). Curved Onramps to freeways are fun! Don’t have to slam the accelerator…lots of torque to move...
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    Any car seat recommendations for 2022 CX-9?

    I have this Chico 2n1. Narrow base, east for him to click himself in without the seatbelt being lost under the base, comfortable head bolsters for when my kid naps, no aggressive graphics either. I recall paying much less at target. Also, once he outgrows the back, he can still use the booster...
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    CX-9 Gas Mileage

    Light foot maybe? I call out the 2200 ish on climbs up Hwy 101 south of Camarillo everytime we come home from Santa Barbara.
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    Cookies Banner

    I am on iPhone (iOS 15.5) and em experiencing the dreaded banners.
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    CX-9 Gas Mileage

    Out here in Los Angeles out here in Los Angeles, I feel I regularly get sub-par mileage. I baby our 2019 Touring FWD and get 17-18 city and about 23 combined. That’s with A/C on and drinking 87 octane from Costco. But if I hit the highway…I can easily get 28 mpg. That low torque just lets you...
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    2016 CX-9 GT AWD Next set of replacement tires?

    My 2019 Touring came with 265/65/18 Yoko Geolanders G056B. Really quiet, relatively grippy in dry, but subpar in heavy rain. By 29k miles the tread was down to 3/32. The options for this exact size are slim. Michellin Pilots were tempting but the low treadlife/high cost was a dealbreaker. Went...
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    New CX-9 owner, love it, but a few gripes

    I too live in LA (2019 Touring FWD + Premium pkg). You got solid advice already but my experience had also been: mileage - as low as 15mpg in heavy stop/go with AC. Typical combined 17-20. Hwy is 23-25 but can be as high as 28 if I use the cruise or actively try to ease up. AC - yes its a weak...
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    CX-9 OEM Tires

    My 2019 Touring also came on the sam Geolanders! My observations match yours (little loose in the wet, good handling/braking, very quiet). The only real downside is treadlife. Ive got 26k mine and they are down to about 3/32’s. I expexted to hit 50k (my Honda Pilots routinely hit 50-60k on...
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    2nd Gen CX-9 High mileage club, how's it holding up?

    So I got a 2019 Touring with just over 26k miles. Spirited road-trips to Yosemite, San Fran, daily 2 hour Los Angeles commutes on surface streets and busy freeways. Car still feels as fresh as the day I got it; nearly flawless. Couple mentions however: I bring my own full synthetic 5-W30 to...
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    Mazda Service “inconsistencies”

    I appreciate the reply. That’s why I was sincerely asking. Cheers!
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    Mazda Service “inconsistencies”

    Hey guys, I know Dealerships are independently owned but I was pretty pissed bu the way I was treated today. Setup an appt for oil change and advised I would be brining my own full-syn oil. They said sure and would charge labor and filter (we did it this way last time with no issues. Notes were...
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    2017 CX-9 Rear Brake Job - Cost?

    I’m not sure this is uncommon. My 2005 and 2012 Honda Pilots both regularly went thru rear pads about twice as fast. My 2019 CX9 has 23k miles on it and it too only has 4mm left on the rear pads (vs 6 on the fronts). Maybe it just the brake bias on these SUVs it maybe its more of a handling...
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    2018 Cx9 turbo oil change

    I did mine at 5500 just out of precaution (1st change was free anyway). What I also wanted to ask was: 1. Anyone else get a Low Oil light at about a 6k mile interval? Mine did before the oil change was due and after checking, the oil line was hovering by the bottom hole on the dip stick. I...
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    Question for CX-9 2016+ Owners

    Hey Mbush. Coming from a guy who's had 2 generations of Honda Pilot, our 2019 FWD CX-9 is our best purchase ever in terms of refinement and quality. Ever. The slight reduction in interior capacity vs the Pilot is an easy trade for everything else you'll get in this car. - How is the engine...