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    cant trace a squeal/squeak

    So Ive had this annoying squeak coming from the front. The slower I go, the less often it sounds. Its intermittent like a card in a bike spoke. Problem is I cant reproduce sound with the car up on a lift so I cant find it. It also doesn't sound like its making the sound when Im going fast, just...
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    Car can't pass smog check, any ideas?

    So I smogged my car a couple weeks ago. Here we're the results with a single high flow cat(sls midpipe) Co2% @ 15mph 13.93/25mph 14.0. O2% 388/364. CO .61/.63 and NO(ppm) 2253/1802. Now I tested again this time bolting a stock midpipe directly to my aftermarket so I now have 3 cats. I failed...
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    replacing LSD, what else should I do while the tranny is out and open?!

    I was just coming off a stop as usual then i felt a pop or snap and the car just revved while making a loud ticking sound as I moved forward. I was able to get up to speed but very slow, not matching the rpms of the car. I finally ran out of momentum and the car wouldnt move forward at all. Im...
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    replacing LSD, what else should I do while the tranny is out and open?!

    well I ordered the mfactory and install kit from sam and the install kit has new axle seals and such. The clutch has 0 miles on it lol. We replaced that thinking it was the issue because tons of people suggested it(non msp people), but turns out it wasn't the culprit. The LSD always seems to get...
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    replacing LSD, what else should I do while the tranny is out and open?!

    So I believe Ive fallen victim to a blown LSD. While its open, what should I take care of as preventive care. Is there like a tranny rebuilt kit that has all that is needed for a rebuild?Car has 116k miles on it. I'd like to get it all ordered in here by next weekend when my buddy plans to...
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    How Much Camber Do You Run?

    I'm about -2.25 all around and my last set taken off had noticeable wear but not enough to kill them prematurely.
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    Clutch shot?

    bump to find the verdict because my car had the same issue today and my mechanic neighbor to my shop diagnosed it as being a bad clutch
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    Warning: Mounting Radiator Fans Directly Onto the Radiator Core

    any pics so i can get and idea what I need to do? Im getting a mishimoto and spal set up and dont wanna spend 255 on the awr shroud
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    Mishimoto radiator

    Yea, Im looking on cross over auto and see different sizes and pull/push. which are the right ones?
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    Mishimoto radiator

    Bump question. What else is needed for this to work? Does it require slim fans, and if so what size and pull or push?
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    Wheel Balancing Weights

    theres no max, but pending the weight of the wheels and quality of the wheels and tires, they may not balance out nicely as each other. One thing that can be done is the shop can '180' the tire. Spin the tire on the wheel 180 degrees to move the heavy spot to even out the weight distribution.
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    what all i would need to do lowered at 2"

    you dont need spacers, thats one thing I know
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    well they are dunlop star specs so they run wide and have squared shoulders that give the meaty look. Ive tried out BFG GForce in the same size on a 8 and they looked smaller
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    like this?
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    235/40/17s on 17x8 +45
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    Who's stiil making payments on the MSP?

    I have my title in hand. Financed 13k in August 06, had it paid off in March 09, 2 years ahead of schedule
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    Tire Mounting and Stretch

    I would have loved to see you try to put a tire on by hand. Ive been doing tires for 7 years and Ive managed to get it 2 times, on higher profile tires, for s**** and giggles. also its very hard for someone to scratch a wheel on a machine putting on a tire. plus, those rotas look like reverse...
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    yea, all those air fresheners took up some of the leg room when I drove it last week
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    Scott's Spicy New *Fresh* Look (preview)

    with a roll and really low height I fit 215/45s on my EVO BBS'. same specs. sure i scrape and rub but if youre not rubbing, youre not trying hard enough. not sure if the case would be the same with smaller but you will also have to trim the bumper curves into the fenderwell and grind off as much...
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    Aggressive fitment anyone?!

    fender liner isnt gonna hurt your tires. Im missing the passenger side liner and have tons of wear holes in the driver side suck it up