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    2007~2015 CX-9 Replacement brake booster - Beware

    No corners cut. These are brakes. I spent 15 minutes looking at it when i came out of the box. I had expected to measure and adjust the rod / mc clearance or at least check it. Careful inspection determined it was not adjustable, no locknut or threads. The protrusion with respect to the...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Replacement brake booster - Beware

    I had the brake booster on my 2009 CX-9 go bad. Bought the Cardone reman unit for $130. Turned out the non-adjustable MC rod was 5mm too long. I really looked at this out of the box new, but did not detect the 5mm difference, and since it wasn't adjustable, let it go. Ooops! This caused 2...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Sinking brake pedal cause

    If you have an old 2009-ish CX-9 with the Ford brake system and the brake pedal sinks...It's the ABS module. 3 master cylinders over the years and it was the ABS module. Replace with new and either have the new unit flashed with the calibration at a dealer or download the calibration to your...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Sinking soft pedal - Diagnostic video and solution

    Well, in a weird twist, there is a excellent troubleshooting video on YT that just appeared yesterday addressing this exact issue. Bottom line - it is a internal failure of the ABS module that causes these symptoms. Not the master cylinder, not electronics, but mechanical sticking / failure of...
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    I am able to isolate the electrical from the mechanical by pulling the ABS fuse and the connector to the ABS unit. Like this, the brakes work fine. This is an electrical problem, not mechanical. From booster to pads, the mechanical system operates great. Connect the ABS... and after about...
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    Yes. it is a 2009
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    The shop said they'll take it next week. For now, driving with the ABS disconnected 50A fuse pulled. Brakes act and feel fine, so mechanically, the brakes are good. The front calipers were likely not bad and didn't need to be replaced. The soft pedal could be caused by the TCS sending...
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    Replaced both calipers. Car drove great for a 2 - 3 mile road test. Drove again this morning. After 2 miles the TCS OFF light on the dash turned on (would not respond to the switch). I felt the brakes start to drag. Disconnected the pos cable and let it sit. It is the ABS/TCS that is...
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    This is crazy...after a few quick stops...the passenger front caliper is not releasing...dragging badly. I'll need to replace. Christine
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    I'm going to the dirt road this morning.
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    I must have air in the system someplace - but the caliper end is good. To initial bleed - I ran most of a quart of fluid from the MC to all 4 corners using a MitiVac. Solid fluid (using clear lines), using speedibleeder bleeders all 4 corners with teflon tape) at all 4 corners. Manually...
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    CX9 brake switch replacement (adjustment?)

    The light switch may not be the problem. It is a simple on/off plunger switch. Easy to replace - 1/4 turn and it is out of there. in the 2009 it is green. Likely, your issue is with the brake pedal position switch which is what the light switch plugs into. On my 2009 it is black and has...
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    2009 CX-9 GT - Poor brake performance

    Are the brakes on this thing just terribly poor...or do I have a problem? I have a new to me 2009 FWD with 20s, 70,000 miles (grandma's car)... and these brakes are absolutely terrible. In the past I replaced her rotors and pads once because she had issues with squeaking (now has Akebono...
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    Can I use 5w-30 instead?

    Not a problem I just changed with Motorcraft 5w20 Semi and a FL400s filter - because they were the cheapest combo at Wally World. Just change it. Any oil that meets the API category classification is fine. Hell, even house brand 10w30 is fine for 5-7,000 miles. The viscocity is only...
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    Soon - 2010 20" rims from GT - Los Angeles

    2010 GT For sale: I do not want to roll on 20s. Want to sell the rims. Stock tires are just about shot, so I can do this shortly. Wanted: 18s for the same. Want to swap? You pay freight or drive to me and no additional cash. Swap pictures.
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    Oil Filter... W T F question

    Ford is notorious for putting the original oil filter on dry and torquing it on way too tight. Happened on 3 new fords I have had over the years. 1/10th of a cent worth of oil would have prevented crushing, driving screwdriver through or using a 18 inch 1/2 drive breaker bar to get loose -...