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    Need 14 inch rear wiper blade refill

    I ordered my new wiper blades from wipers123, very satisfied.
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    '10 Pearl White front bumper scratch
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    Front windows wet on the inside?

    Here is where they get wet (see pic) on both front windows top to bottom. The rest of the window is dry. It can be hours after a rain, carwash etc... and they are still very wet on the inside.
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    Front windows wet on the inside?

    My '08 CX-9 GT's front windows get wet on the inside (about a 1/4 of the glass from the A pillar back, not the whole window) when I put them down after it rains, snows, or a car wash. Basically anytime the car gets wet. It can even be a day or two after the fact. It is very annoying because it...
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    Marker Lights Out

    It could be the bulbs, both burned within two days of each other.
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    Car seems to be destroying light bulbs

    I have a '08 GT (2-years old) with 62,000 miles, within the last two weeks one tail light and both front marker lights have burned out. This is the first car I have had in years that I had to replace a bulb let alone three in two weeks! (notcool)
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    Need some advice for 30K scheduled maintenance

    At my dealership the 30K service was $250.00
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    Per the dealer recommendation I had the rotors replaced because of glazing and hot spots (the dealer said the pads look brand new), the issue seems to be gone at least for now. I have to agree that I am not happy with the OE rotors. My father has a CX-7 and has rotor problems also. This is...
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    Clickity clicking over bumps

    I know my passenger side seat belt will rattle if it is set in the lowest position on the B pillar. The metal buckle will hit the plastic side of the seat.
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    Replacement wipers question

    I just replaced the originals with the Rain X Latitude blades. They work very well and I do not notice anymore noise than the stock blades.
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    Well my last 4-vehicles I didn't need new brakes until 65,000 miles. My dealer said the brakes on the CX-9 look brand new (currently 45,000 miles). I never had this issue driving these same roads with my other cars/suv's I owned, and it was not an issue with the CX-9 either until about 3...
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    I understand to stay in a low gear on those types of mountain elevations. One of the main roads that I have the issue on here in PA is about 2-2.5 miles long and goes from a elevation of 2700ft to a elevation of 1100ft. This is also with just me in the vehicle, and no luggage/cargo.
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    I would think it was warped rotors it would happen all of the time, plus it is a fairly loud thumping noise. I don't and have never used the engine for braking. If you read most magazines and talk to mechanics that is very tough on the transmission, and brakes are a lot cheaper to replace than...
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    In the last few months I have had a braking issue with my 08 GT. When applying the brakes continuously for 2-3 minutes or longer, coming down a long hill steep hill (mostly mountain elevations), I start to get a thumping sound coming from the front end and the steering wheel starts to shake...
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    Yokohama Tires

    I have the 20" Yokahoma's and they are so much better than the stock Bridgestones. I have 22,000 miles on them and they are still going strong.
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    Recording of Engine Knock / Rattle Noise in new CX-9: Help Needed

    I will be interested to hear what they say I have had the same issue, but mine is not quite as bad as yours.
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    Sorry I had the wrong information. Here is the email I received: Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Mazda. Orders can be placed through, however, that site is being updated as of this writing. My understanding is the latest version for your vehicle will be Part...
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    I emailed them and they said the GP9A 66 DZOE (VERSION 2007.1) is the latest updated disc offered. Also the sight is down again right now.
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    3 finalists to replace the Duellers

    I agree. I am very happy with the overall performace with the Yokohamas.