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    Lack of power - Almost caused an accident on HWY

    Recently drove friend's Honda Element from Vegas to Orange County in pretty thick traffic on a Labor day. Had no power weaving in and out and doing what I wanted with Mercedes/Bimmers/etc. from 65-85 mph in the desert and the city in all kinds of conditions. Roughly same power-weight ration with...
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    CX-5 Photos - Share your shots with us!

    That's it - Metrosexual Gray for me too!
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    Test drove an awd touring and a fwd manual sport today. My opinion.......

    Oh - I am totally speculating. Vegas to SoCal is somewhat downhill. I've gotten 32 mpg in my Bimmer manual so I'm just guessing I can get 37 mpg based on what seem people get on here. :) I'm not getting my Sport Manual for a month. Not trying to start a pissing match about auto vs manual. I've...
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    Test drove an awd touring and a fwd manual sport today. My opinion.......

    I choose to believe the CX-5 is a wonderful tall-ish sport wagon not a SUV (or worse yet a CUV). Hence, need that damn third pedal! Plus I'm going to enjoy 36-37ish mpg driving between Vegas and Orange County next month.
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    Post CX-5 Reviews...

    Here's one from Rideslust for the Sport if it hasn't been posted And I think it's been said, but the latest Car and Driver issue has the GT winning a small SUV comparo. No link yet.
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    CX-5 Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    If a Sport MT happens for me in the near future, a leather wheel and shift knob will be must add-ons along with Polks in the dash. Thinking about this one for only 18 But a stitched cover is probably a better choice. Where'd you get yours?
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    Window Tints (?)

    Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question that's already been answered. Don't all the windows come a bit tinted except for the fronts? If so, is it easy to have the fronts match the rest?
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    Stay with manual or switch to automatic?

    All my daily drivers I've ever owned have been manuals. This is a proper car. It can out-handle most proper cars. It just has slightly more ground clearance.
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    North America CX5 Owners: Would you trade-in your current gas SUV for a diesel one?

    If I had my silver 6MT Sport yet, this is exactly what I would reply!
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    Post CX-5 Reviews...

    Agree with the above. It was the best review yet. I only use half the power in my BMW anyway. I look forward to revving the snot out of this thing just like I did my '90 Miata, '93 SE-R and '03 Protege.
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    Best phone for CX-5---Suggestions?

    How does the iPhone work with the standard radio in the Sport model? Will it charge through the USB? Will song titles show up on the screen? I don't mind if I have to just run to the Aux. That's what I do with my head unit now, but it would be cool if the USB input worked with the iPhone...
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    Post CX-5 Reviews...

    Automobile Editors Notebook
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    Stay with manual or switch to automatic?

    Any chance of a manual with the diesel? Even 8 mpg average over the Skyactive-G 6MT is not economically going to make up for the fact it will surely be 5K more. (Really doubting you will be able to get one in Sport trim.) I drove the 6MT and the shifter was such a peach. I haven't had an...
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    Took the badges off the back

    I think it looks great. I'd remove the Skyactiv badge for sure. And pretty sure I'd move on to the CX-5.
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    Any Complaints (hopefully all minor)

    Every car I've ever owned makes a boom-boom noise when you lower rear windows by themselves. It's just physics. These sound like very minor problems. Try owning a German car over 12 years old. Not to get political, but a lot of the fluttering sheet metal things are the result of letting a nanny...
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    Pictures of our new Katzskin leather seats

    You're right. My cheap bastard side just has not filter sometimes. Might get some pleather covers to ward off stains and dog hair/claws. The ones on Amazon get decent ratings for 70 bucks.
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    Pictures of our new Katzskin leather seats

    They look very high quality. I might just be a cheap bastard and do the fronts.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    The sport interior is perfect to me except I'd leather wrap the wheel and get a leather shift knob.
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    Motor Trend compares SUVs

    Yeah, I'm not sure if it's good or bad that the worst car magazine of all time (barring Consumer Reports) gave it 2nd place.
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    Motor Trend compares SUVs

    The Escape's interior (as well as almost every Hyundai) looks like it's been designed by a Klingon. Don't see the appeal of the exterior either.