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    A warning /review about "all Car Carpets" in Australia Lodge a complaint with Fair trading in Victoria with your reciepts and emails etc and they will light a fire under them for you.
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    20B 5spd '90 in Okinawa!

    Nice build thread and videos Will! HJ
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    My Cosmo issues... Any input is helpful...

    Have you found the "Cosmo owners" page on Facebook? The speedo will be an electrical issue in the binnacle and the gear indicator could be there as well, or the tws or, simply a bad earth! There is guy in Florida doing great things with the speedos after much trial and error!
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    Project Pay2Play: My Eunos Cosmo has arrived!

    Flames R gooooooooood! This is a 20b with a Flame "problem" Antoine! Popping is fine enjoy it! And, if you are driving it enthusiastically - it will pop a flame or two! Kramer has been known to! Much to the delight of the RX7 following me up Thunderbolts Way...
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    Eunos Cosmo Video Catalogue

    Wow! Never seen that one before Antoine! Lots of good technical diagrams and information in there that will become more important as the years go by! That is the baseline of how the car was made eg the emissions they achieved and the intent of component ray like the dual thermostat setup...
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    Project Cosmo 20B rebuild thread

    Cosmos are 25 next year Frank -we need a big party!
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    New here...Here's one of my toys...

    Hey mate, Awesome car! You'll find a really active Cosmo page over in Facebook. Cosmo owners group. I'm Kramer here & Howard James over there! Kramer
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    20B 5spd '90 in Okinawa!

    Oh Nice! So Toni isnt into Cosmo's any more?? He had two and an RX7 at one stage!!! approved your Facebook group as well Kramer
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    20B 5spd '90 in Okinawa!

    Hey Lone Star, Nice pick up. Screens are a bit hard to come by, hard to repair and at 24 years old, not long for this world when they are working. There is also a component in the rear left passengers wall for the ECCS. All of the functions except the fan without the aircon in the on...
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    Project Cosmo 20B rebuild thread

    Thats Ok Frank - we kept up with your adventures on FAcebook thanks to your daughter!! I've even seen the video!! GEt into the teenies man!! get a Facebook account and come talk to us in real time!! look for " Cosmo owners group " and you can friend an knucklehead called Howard James...
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    Reverse lamps - fuse or wire colour.

    What are you up to now Berty? Kramer
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    Anyone have a NEW 20B Pressure Sensor NF01 E1T10776 For Sale?

    NFO1, Cosmo specific! Kramer
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    Anyone have a NEW 20B Pressure Sensor NF01 E1T10776 For Sale?

    Yahoo? Minkara? RHD? The reality is that we will need to get used to recycling/repairing parts or sourcing some sort of alternative if we want them to keep rolling. Even more reason why we need to be saving as many parts from as many wrecks and half cuts as possible! there are some second...
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    Temperature gauge mis-match

    A thread recently came up on the FD Forum. Faulty Temp sensor was causing all sorts of problems inluding idle (???). And we all know how much a Cosmo loves to mess with your mind over erratic idle problems! I think all of these sorts of components are reaching then end of their life - time for...
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    Project Pay2Play: My Eunos Cosmo has arrived!

    Definately the C345 Primes - they are very similar to the ones that I used to have until I upgraded the brakes and they didnt fit anymore! As for Coil overs! you wont know yourself when you put them on! Do you keep an eye on RHD and Minkara in Japan for parts? I noticed these on Ebay the...
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    Thunderbolts Way Super Cruise 2013 Finding new levels in the Cosmo Wicked weekend of an mazing drive! (lick) If you arent' a member and own a Cosmo just join and enjoy! Kramer PS Early August or mid August next year people ?? start planning and let me know conflicting events to be dodged before we settle on a date.
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    Project Pay2Play: My Eunos Cosmo has arrived!

    Should mention also on the OMP situation - 20B's starve for oil in the third chamber - simply a design flaw! Oil channels simply cant get enough oil to it under load. Thats the chamber that will spit seals first. I always run a little pre-mix - some in every tank! If you want to look at a...
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    Cosmo Roll Call

    DO IT :) Its the Annual Thunderbolts Way Cosmo Cruise this weekend in NSW Australia - good times!
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    Cosmo Roll Call

    Danny Irvine Hi Dale, Make contact with Danny Irvine in Brisbane Australia. His business is MXPlus in Brisbane. He has a strong knowledge and network on L10's He posted just above you and his name is L10B Kramer
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    My 1990 JCESE Eunos Cosmo

    Simplify the vacuum system? From what I'm told he two systems are very similar! Kramer