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    replacing Mazda Protege hazard lights switch, fog light switch, dimmer switch bulbs

    hey! I have a question... wich I have to use... 3,4 or 5 mm?
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    Protege parts for sale

    how much for miromoto leds?
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    Protege parts for sale

    Trunk only picked up?
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    LazerBlue 2507 partout

    Just for front ms6 rotors and calipers???
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    Mazdaspeed protege part only quality

    Crank pulley shipped to 33166?
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    Parting out 02 Protege 5.

    Is that a fidanza flywheel?
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    #883 MSP Partout

    The coils relocation still available?
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    MSP protege parts BEST OFFER NO PRICE

    $200 for suspension?
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    GTSPEC, MAM, Medievil, Dave B, OEM, others and universal parts!

    Price for 4 point ms belt to 33166
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    QFord shifter bushings installed!

    How did you get them???? I tried but they only ship in australia :s
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    03.5 Mazdaspeed Shift knob

    pymnt sent
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    Does someone know how the MAF is connected?

    I read it! And was helpful to understand how maf works... i didnt know it! And in ws manual says wich is the highest voltage i have to spect... ill check harness near ecu cuz thats the only part that i miss to check...
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    Does someone know how the MAF is connected?

    hey guys! im having a code p0103 and p0090 in p0090 i already check that selenoid is working fine... so i think problem is in fpr but with p0103 im checking how ws manual says but im confused... ???? in this image (on ws manual) if you look at maf sensor B goes to 88 and C to main relay...