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    VW TDIs and DieselGate

    Been driving liquid-cooled VW/Audis since '73 and VW diesels since '77. Our '11 Golf TDI is parked awaiting a mid-January buyback. We recently sold our '15 CX-5 Touring and bought a Volvo V60 CC to replace both vehicles.
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    CX-5 Sold...It's been fun

    We're not first time Volvo owners either though it's been 30+ years since we've owned one. Were we to decide we wanted another car, I'd look for a CPO S60 Inscription FWD... We really wanted to buy a '17 Mazda 6 to replace the TDI. I love the way they drive but we judged the seat comfort to be...
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    Sensors freak out on cold days

    It's simple: Adjust tire pressures. Turn on ignition. Press and hold the TPMS button on dash until the tire pressure icon blinks and you hear a beep. Done. Perhaps the dealership person wasn't aware of the 4+ year-old change... (rolleyes)
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    Right brake light is out

    If it's a bad bulb, common sense would suggest that if one has reached the end of it's operational life, the others probably aren't far behind... Bulbs are cheap. I'd suggest you replace them all while you're at it. Being clobbered by some moron who thought he was passing a motorcycle might...
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    Driving in snow

    Gotta agree. Other than being a bit squishy on center, likely due to the tread depth and block design, I couldn't fault our DM-V1s. Our daughter has a set of the DM-V2s on her Pilot and loves them.
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    CX-5 Sold...It's been fun

    Thanks! We looked at both and they're very nice, as is the CX-9 but they don't pass the long low roofline test, a must for two untall seniors with kayaks. The V90 Cross Country is wonderful but the price of entry with a few 'must have' options takes your breath away. There were a couple of...
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    CX-5 Sold...It's been fun

    Our priorities: - more comfortable seats. After about 4 hours in the CX-5 seats, one starts to loose touch with the nether regions - long, low roof line for kayak transport - fun chassis - more power at high elevations (Mazda's 2.5 NA engine really suffers above 7k feet - good ground clearance...
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    CX-5 Sold...It's been fun

    Had a garage sale. VW is buying back the TDI next month and we put the CX-5 on Craig's List and sold it today. Heading home, it felt funny to see it along side us on the freeway. Replacement vehicle: 2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country. This has been a great forum. Thanks to all who helped make it...
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    Remote Battery Weak/Low?

    It's starting to sound like you may have a bad remote -not sure if it's one or both which exhibit the behavior - or onboard receiver module (whatever it's called). Our '11 TDI's module was bad from the factory. The remotes were useless if you were more than 5 feet from the car. It required some...
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    Is latest CX-5 quieter and more HP than 2013?

    While in to drive a couple of 6 GTs this week, the dealer sales person mentioned that the factory rep had hinted that the 2.5T engine might be available in additional, as yet to be identified model/s. What do you think... a MazdaSpeed 3 &/or 6? ...CX-5? or??? . Also, the '17 M6GT with it's...
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    Daytime running lights dim/flickering

    I recall that Audi submitted a request for ALH approval to US regulators a while back and were rejected. Go figure! ...which makes me very happy we have them instead of LEDs.
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    Sunroof shattered...options?

    No need to pay for a new one. I'd look for one at a salvage/wrecking yard/dismantler or on eBay. Besides, if it's intact after a totaling event, it seems more likely it'll be a good one. Good luck.
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    Blind Spot Monitor confused by hitch bike rack?

    +2 Same thing with ours. I just switch off BSM the first time it reminds me. Ditto for when we tow our 5x8 utility trailer.
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    Smart City Brake System - Activated at wrong time (when accelerating)

    Great explanation! Thanks. I for one would welcome future technical bulletins you may feel are appropriate for release... but don't go so far that you feel the need to take up residence in the Equadorian embassy. (whistle)
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    All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5 To Be Previewed At Novembers Los Angeles Auto Show?

    True...but perhaps only to a point. And I might respectfully opine that your perspective may be influenced a wee bit by your CX being diesel powered. I'd be delighted to have that option available here in NA. (please hold the diesel vs gas/petrol discussion for another thread/time - been through...
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    Backup Camera Adjustment

    I would like to adjust the image up so I can still see the hitch ball when installed but I don't need to see the bumper. Problem with the existing adjustment is the warning text at the top of the screen obscures important information, like what's behind me, with useless information like 'audio...
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    Winter tires

    Correct. We're running 16" Mazda 3 wheels with 225/70x16 Blizzak DM-V1s.
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    Backup Camera Adjustment

    Our Ridgeline's camera had a set screws which allowed up/down and side-to-side adjustment, IIRC. Any chance that the fixed camera is adjusted manually? (shrug) . Anyone had eyes on the camera mounting area inside the hatch?
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    Traffic on The NAV system

    We have a '15 with TomTom nav. As previously posted, we get some traffic info in the vertical bar on the rt side of the screen when we're navigating to a destination. We weren't navigating yesterday when I noticed a WAZE-like collision icon just ahead on the freeway. Sure enough, there was an...
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    Carplay and Android Auto coming soon? Crossing fingers...

    BU sensors were a port-installed option when we bought our 2015. They work but the signal is really annoying. Mine are normally turned off at the rocker switch next to the trunk interior light (left side above the wheel arch in 2015s) but tend to get turned on accidentally when I'm loading the...