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    17+ miles = Problems?

    Nope. Plenty of hills and hard pulls on the engine prior to this. It was hotter than normal if that changes anything.
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    17+ miles = Problems?

    Yeah I was thinking it was likely another vehicle as the outside air was on. No passenger though. The frequency of this was pretty high. 3 times in 2 drives. Then it stopped.
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    17+ miles = Problems?

    Jealous of your folding mirrors. I have 7k on mine. Got some sulfur smell a couple times last week going uphill. Keeping an eye on that in case it's a converter. No problems besides that.
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    Lease Payments - JUST the Basics

    I paid 1200 to get it off the lot.
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    Lease Payments - JUST the Basics

    2017 touring. 297
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    Fuel economy example

    I've been tracking it on fuelly and it hasn't lined up with the computer. More often than not the computer is giving me a higher number than reality. One note on that is there is no partial mile tracking with our odometer so there is some margin of error with fuelly because of that.
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    2017~2023 Gen 2 Fang LEDs as DRL

    That would be pretty cool. There has been a ton of heat on Mazda for not being able to turn off the lights at all while the car is running so there might be some info in all those hate threads.
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    Zoom/zoom sticker

    I got my stickers in the mail a week or two after driving it off the lot.
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    Feel. Alive.

    Narrator is absolute garbage. No cohesive story. Just some dumb shots of people we don't care about and can't relate to. The livestream mentioned trying to appeal to millennials, and as a one I can say they missed the mark. They went too far to the "experiential" side of what appeals to the...
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    New AA \ ACP Thread (with Poll)

    The phrasing was pretty specific. They had a time commitment that 2018s would get updated by. They did not have the same thing to say about earlier models, so we can assume for now that we either won't get it (unlikely), or the update will just be pushed out later than the 2018s.
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    New AA \ ACP Thread (with Poll)

    It was happening in the mazda livestream from the NY international auto show. There were links up in most of the forums.
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    New AA \ ACP Thread (with Poll)

    Specifically Mazda 6 on the stream. I didn't hear anything about non-6 models but this is definitely great news.
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    Apple car play and Android Auto on Mazda 6 2018

    Just announced on live stream from NYC auto show.
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    new small suv's with flash

    The mazda 6 just got auto dimming and heated side mirrors. I hope they bring them to the cx-5 by 2020!
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    new small suv's with flash

    I'll enjoy my more responsive and modern looking 17 thanks. That being said I'd like them to add a turbo. They just did it to the 6 I imagine when the cx-5 gets a signature trim level they will drop the turbo in it.
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    new small suv's with flash

    Looks like every other hyundai/Ford/subaru now. Before it was unique and awful. Now it is the same and bland.
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    2017+ Touring - Installed LED brakelights

    Where's the photo tho
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    I'm worried about all the broken Mazdas on forums

    I don't understand what you are trying to convey with this post.
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    I - Stop .........Off!

    I experienced BMWs equivalent when I was using a car sharing service. I don't think there is any logical reason to do it. But I can say it bothered me for some reason. Knowing the engine was off. And hearing it start at every stop light aggravated me for basically no reason. I don't understand...