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    2007~2015 Can you share with me a copy of TSB #SA-021-19, or TSB #SA-021-19a

    This is the link to the interim repair procedure:
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    2007~2015 Can you share with me a copy of TSB #SA-021-19, or TSB #SA-021-19a

    Supposedly it provides temporary fix for the not too long ago discovered consequences of a battery disconnect. There is no clock on the GPS screen, and the time shown on the red LED panel is incorrect, unless the battery is disconnected and reconnected exactly at 1:00AM or 1:00PM. Hope to learn...
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    2007~2015 Can you share with me a copy of TSB #SA-021-19, or TSB #SA-021-19a

    My clock has failed after a battery disconnect, and found that Mazda is working on a permanent solution. However, I read it somewhere that there are interim repair procedures described in: TSB #SA-021-19 (September 4, 2019) NHTSA ID#10160581 and TSB #SA-021-19a (May 23, 2019) NHTSA...
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    Toyo Observe Open Country G-02 Plus

    Quite pricey (CAD 1,680+TAX installed - no TPM), but decided to go for Toyo Observe Open Country G-02 Plus mounted on 18" alloy wheels. So far I am very satisfied with its performance. Any experience with its tread wear characteristics?
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    Unresponsive Nav Touchscreen

    I have experienced the same issue with a faulty backup navi DVD copy.
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    2010 Cx-9

    I am glad to be a 2007 CX-9 owner. Definitely wouldn't buy the double smiley design. Bumper doesn't exist anymore, lost its function.
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    NAVTEQ MAP YEAR vs. DENSO DVD RELEASE YEAR My understanding is the NAVTEQ MAP YEAR itself is always(???) a year behind the DENSO DVD RELEASE YEAR. My CX-9 came with 2006 ver.2 in April 2007. (MAZDA Part No. GP9A 66 DZ0 B)
  9. 2007 CX-9 NAV DVD.jpg

    2007 CX-9 NAV DVD.jpg

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    Just wanted to let you know is up and running.
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    please help: three questions about navigation system

    1. Unless there is a change between '07 and '08 models' GPS antenna location, it is under the centre panel close to the tweeter. See attached picture of a '07 model. 2. PM me your email address... I will send you a large file with lots of pictures and a detailed description within a few days.
  12. GPS antenna.jpg

    GPS antenna.jpg

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    CX-9 navigation CPU

    I would like to find out what kind of CPU is used in the CX-9 navigation system. Does anybody know that?
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    CX-9 Body Control Module (BCM) failure

    2007 CX-9 BCM Inspection (Set #2) Set #2 Good luck!
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    CX-9 Body Control Module (BCM) failure

    2007 CX-9 BCM Inspection (Set #1) Just in case you want to inspect your BCM... Note: this is 2007 model year!
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    Map Updates for Nav system

    Good catch Ceric, thanks. The grey out is a BIG issue for me, this will be one of my weekend projects.
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    digital clock losing minutes?

    Service notifications Is there any notification/reporting system in place at Mazda that would automatically call in the affected VIN numbers for repair, even if the issue is not elevated to recall level? Ford's OASIS report system really works well.
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    outside mirror installation

    Read this first: 1. Apply some white grease (or WD40) on the ball and socket joints 2. Position the internal parts directly towards joints on the mirror plate 3. Push the mirror right behind the joints. It will snap.
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    HowTo Program HomeLink Mirror?

    Try this...