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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Not my 5, but replaced the transmission control module, and transmission mount on my sister’s Mz5 today. Still technically in progress because I went ahead and threw the battery on a conditioning cycle while I was working, and that takes up to 24 hours. Also need to go grab a new air filter...
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    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

    Take a look at the OE coils and see what their condition is. If they aren’t rusted/broken as mentioned by topFC3Sman noted then the springs themselves are likely fine. I’m still happy with the lowering springs, but outside of a sale I might opt to just do inflatable helper bags inside the...
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    New Mazda5 Owner Checking In

    Gotcha. Yeah, could have a bad gasket on the wiper easily. Some don’t like rear wipers, but I personally think they’re crazy. Biggest annoyance with my newer honda sedan that replaced my Mz3. No rear wiper.
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    New Mazda5 Owner Checking In

    I’d do a bit more investigation. Clean everything up and then try and have someone spray water at the door while you sit inside. You may need to pull the door panel off the inside of the door to get a good look at it. Make sure the door gasket is in good condition and making contact all the...
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    New Mazda5 Owner Checking In

    As to what theblooms said the 1st gen Mazda 5 (and Mazda 3, and probably lots of other Mazda models) had a really terrible low beam lamp retention system. I refer to it as Satan’s headlamp retention clip. The common errors which occur are: - not having the tab on the H7 lamp base lined up with...
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    New Mazda5 Owner Checking In

    Yup, if the headlight housings have the motors it means someone swapped them out with the OEM HID housings. Don’t get rid of those, they’re actually good projectors. You can manually level them, though I can’t remember how. I know years ago there were people with Mz3’s that releveled their...
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    Starter grinding on flywheel after transmission replacement SOLVED

    Negusm has a good suggestion. Only similar experience was on an old ‘86 Nissan Sentra. Starter died and we replaced it with a remanufactured one just like I’d done many times in my old ford. The one we installed ended up having a hairline fracture in the case around where the starter drive...
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    Motor mount suggestions...

    The RMM bolt was the one that gave me fits. It was partially seized with the rubber bushing, so every turn the rubber would turn with it and then push it backwards. Had to do a sliding full body movement on a breaker bar to clear the front tire, then put a 2’ pipe on it. Took nearly 45...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    100%. You could drop the money into a retrofit and have amazing OEM quality lighting. You won’t get that from a set of swappable lamps. I’m not against drop in lamps, sometimes they can do just fine. On my old 3 I did some projector modifications to the OEM halogen projector, and used a...
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    Mazda5 Intermittent hard start issue

    Responded to the old thread you posted in, but some other things to check. -check for a leaky injector causing a dry fuel line -make sure the ECU connectors are firmly seated (has there been any work in that timeframe which would have had them disconnected?) -Double check your battery and ground...
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    Intermittent not starting - 2012 Mazda5

    Any chance you’ve pulled the spark plugs to see if there’s a leaky injector? If it’s leaking into the cylinder while parked the fuel line would be drained when it went to start, and might explain why it’s actually working when it gets to the second or third try (after the line has been primed...
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    Transmission oil cooler replacement

    I’d think you could buy any aftermarket universal transmission cooler. All it is is a little independent radiator that the transmission fluid runs through. I helped a coworkers (years ago) install a tranny cooler on an older turbo Chrysler he was doing some mods on. The universal one just sat...
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    Transmission mount replacement question/issue

    I suppose. Realistically I’ll drive on that piece until it breaks and causes more vibration. I’m betting that saved money will get me through until I replace the van in the next 1-4 years. The stock mount was toast, so I’m pretty sure a fresh mount will do just fine for awhile.
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Yeah, as stated the transmission mount is below the battery box. Just 37 simple steps to get it replaced. I joke, but not much. Actually my rear motor mount was a big PITA. My impact wouldn’t break it loose, the thread locker installed by Mazda was completely ossified, and it was bound to...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    In the last two weeks I replaced the front endlinks (rear endlinks/SBBs, and front SBBs, were replaced earlier). Replaced the rear motor mount, and transmission mounts. Just replaced the cabin air filters, and “yuck” about sums it up. Fun note, after the mount replacements the car stalled...
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    Mazda 5 Suspension Upgrade/Lift Question

    About the only lifting I’ve seen anyone end up with was AnthonyVerde’s. He put the rear springs from a CX7 in the back, and had spacer plates made for the top of his front struts. That gave him about 2”.
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    Transmission mount replacement question/issue

    The mount I ordered arrived perfectly fine. It just didn’t include the little insert. That little piece of rubber is broken off of the insert I have. Reinstalled it anyway because I couldn’t just leave it disassembled. Will look into finding if I can replace just that piece.
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    Transmission mount replacement question/issue

    Which seller was it if you don’t mind my asking?