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    For Sale Gauge rings, radio pocket, suspension parts

    self bump, cleaned up post, may have a couple additional items to upload soon
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    Off Topic 2021 Sonata N introduced

    Is the N-Line the same as the full blown "N" version like the Veloster N or i30 N? Or is is more akin to the M-Sport accessories you get from BMW?
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    Nu Finish on 2020 Soul Red

    Use what appeals to you, and stick to a regimen. As with all detailing products, Nu Finish has a limited shelf life. After 1.5-2 years I found application is a little harder to wipe off and shine/gloss is diminished. So apply to all the cars you're taking care of, and maybe repeat every 5-6...
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    2013~2016 Does anyone know the rotor bolt thread size for rotor removal?

    On the '03 Protege, the bolt that held the scissor jack in the trunk did the trick, maybe give that a shot?
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    For Sale Gauge rings, radio pocket, suspension parts

    DaveB imitation gauge rings. $20 local, $25 shipped from SLS Performance. these are a tight fit, no glue required. Did rub against the clear plastic of the gauge cluster. They were so snug that I had a hell of a time removing them from the gauge cluster, accidentally left a chip in one of them...
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    For Sale Gauge rings, radio pocket, suspension parts

    Local pick up is preferred. I live in the DC/metro area. Please PM me if you're interested in shipping but keep in mind, the large pieces are heavy and awkward. Alaska/Hawaii beware of cost. Click the pics to view the gallery. Open to offers, more items coming. If using PayPal, please send money...
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    Any car meets coming up in Japan (9/2-9/14)

    It's been a while. I've been looking for a meet in Tokyo/Osaka between 9/2-9/14 but as far as I can tell, for the Daikoku and Tatsumi PA you need to know somebody (who knows somebody) local because late night meets are very impromptu and are organized by an inner circle via social media. Plus I...
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    Rota Subzero wheels + BFGoodrich Summer tires

    Sold Full set of Rota Subzero wheels and BFGoodrich tires: $250 local pick up. May consider shipping, please PM with ZIP code. 2 of wheels have pothole damage on the lip and inner rim (see pics). 1 wheel has road rash. Damage is repairable and you should repair before installing...
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    GI: how much to sell '03 Pro ES 5-spd

    Hi all, I'm trying to gauge how much to sell my old protege. It's an '03 with 160,000 miles. i've had it since 6000 miles, 2nd owner There are some issues; not the least of which is the damn wheel arch rust is starting to form. the state inspection is expired (i forgot all about it when i...
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    Nardi Torino steering wheel installation

    you can google NB Miata Nardi steering wheels from that same era. i found mine on eBay (with the badge on the bottom spoke) taken from a Miata. i believe the '99 proteges had different air bags. you'll need to source one too.
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    what to do with dented aftermarket wheels? trying to sell car

    they still hold air. what if i fixed the aftermarket wheels, and sold them with the car? i'd keep the stockers and try to sell them. they're not in the best shape visually but still straight. is the juice worth the squeeze?
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    what to do with dented aftermarket wheels? trying to sell car

    Hey all, i bought some Rota Subzero wheels back when there was a group buy on the forum. Hit a pot hole a couple winters back and dented the lip of 2 wheels. I went back to the stock wheels. Now that I'm trying to sell the Protege, How much do you think i'd get for the Rotas set as-is? 1 quote...
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    Is this the sign of the famous coil packs going bad, or something else?

    got another misfire, cylinder 4. i'm on my 5th coil pack replacement. replaced spark plugs too, but i'm still getting a misfire. checked the fuel injector resistance, and verified that i'm getting 12v from the harness. i haven't done a compression check.
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    Energy Suspension Adjustable Rear Endlinks

    thread revival. what is the verdict on these? for a stock 2003 Protege ES. Thanks
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    Is this the sign of the famous coil packs going bad, or something else?

    I'm on my 2nd coil pack. This morning my car threw 4 CEL codes including P0302 (cyl2 misfire) and P0300 (random misfire). so i'm looking at a 3rd coil pack soon. They're Standard Motors brand, which is to say they're rebranded products manufactured by a 3rd party. So it's not like the failure is...
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    Where to put seafoam in Protege 5

    haha, its not a mirrored flip if that's what you're wondering! pedals are exactly the same on a LHD car.
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    Where to put seafoam in Protege 5

    i did this on Sunday and there was no smoke. seafoam into the brake booster vacuum line. the ran rough during the procedure, but the engine didn't die. is there a pool of seafoam sitting in the engine somewhere? on the plus, it is running a little smoother but i also did an oil change, so it...