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  1. M Mazda of the Month (January)

    Great looking P5! Congrats on the win.
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    hardpipes and custommsp smic question

    Oil pressure, boost/vacuum are probably the two gauges you should get first.
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    Wheel Project Thread

    It looked good until I lost my vision from the sun's glare on the second to last picture. LOL! Great job.
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    3rd gen protege trunk (pick up only please)

    Great Deal! Wish you lived in FL. GLWS
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    Protege Front Door Switch's

    I take it I cannot mount a gauge on it. LOL! Just kidding. BUMP for great seller. GLWS!
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    this completely snapped... how do i fix it?

    Guess I gotta be quicker next time. Thanks, Scratch. LOL
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    this completely snapped... how do i fix it?

    That is the swaybar endlink. I'm sure there are several members here selling them in the for sale section or you can get aftermarket adjustable endlinks or I think I've also seen some people make their own with parts from hardware stores, I believe.
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    Tenawesome Parts: Steedspeed, Turbolife...

    ^ just_B was kidding. It is to install an afc or standalone without cutting up your factory harness
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    Funkalicious Big Sale!!! EL Pro5 Sill, MSP Cover...Goodies For you!!

    Received the Nardi steering wheel today. It is in great shape and good job on packaging. Thanks!
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    Oil grade best for the car, 93?

    And I prefer getting my gas from Shell.
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    Oil grade best for the car, 93?

    This question kind of threw me off from the rest of your questions but I would go with what the manual tells you as far as octane unless your boosting, then you would want to run higher octane.