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    2023 New CX-5 Carbon Edition coolant level drop

    Thank you all for the responses. I’ll try to get better pictures tonight. The coolant level has been like that for about 15 months now. Maybe a bit more near the L threshold. When I had the AC condenser replaced, I think the technician spilled some out from the hoses and did not top it off. I...
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    2023 New CX-5 Carbon Edition coolant level drop

    Does this look right to you? It’s a bit dark green? I do think this is how it came from the factory but I am not 100% sure. I am the first owner and leased it new and brought it.
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    2023 New CX-5 Carbon Edition coolant level drop

    What color is the FL22? I am nearing the L level on my 2019 NA engine and it is darkish grey color. And also, where can I purchase it from? I don’t need a whole gallon. Just enough to top off the reservoir.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    After it rains, if I have the heat or AC on I am getting a musty smell. Is it time to change the cabin filter or is there anyway else I can freshen up the smell?
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Is there any cheap performance mods we can do on the NA engine? Besides a new air filter or intake, I want to see if we can squeeze some additional power out of this engine.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Not today but I paid off my CX5 in one shot after deciding to purchase it after the lease was up. No need for a loan with high interest rates. Just get it over with. Now it’s actually MINE! I love it although I still wish I got the Turbo model.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Can you please post where you brought it from? eBay is charging almost near $100 for them. I’m willing to pay $20-30 but not almost $100 for a chrome delete just for the windows.
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    Buyout my CX5?

    Hi all, It’s that time again and my lease is almost over. Judging by the lack of cars on the lots and almost every dealer charging over MSRP - I’ve been thinking should I just buy out my CX5? It’s a 2019 model, touring with the preferred package. I love the car, the color and everything...
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    Mixing OEM coolant with aftermarket

    My 2019 NA 2.5L has coolant below the Low marker. I haven’t had any issues yet (it’s still below freezing around here) but would there be any issue if I mixed the OEM stuff with something from Autozone? It’s the blue type coolant. Not sure if I should go to the dealer and have them top it off...
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    Cheapest repair for dislodged rear bumper reflector on CX-5?

    I’m on the east coast also near NYC so yes it’s held up fine during the hot summer months, rain storms and even now with the extreme cold. Also I put some on the borders and on between the reflector and the bumper itself and quickly wiped away excess. If you let it dry, it leaves very nasty...
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    2017~2023 Warm Up Time And Cold Temp Indicator

    The interesting thing I’ve noticed is if the engine hasn’t fully warmed up yet and the heat is on full, the engine temperature actually drops back down while idling. But that’s because the heat is actually delivered from hot radiators and makes sense if it cools down.
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    Cheapest repair for dislodged rear bumper reflector on CX-5?

    I had the same issue last year as I backed up into a bank of frozen snow. Luckily only the reflector came out of place. I used this: J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive and Gap Filler Syringe - Black - 25 ml I took off the panels on the back...
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    Screenshot 2021-12-21 140152.png

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    AC compressor not turning on

    Has anyone else noticed that the CX5 actually has louvres guards protecting the AC Condenser? Here are some photos with the guards 'opened' up. I've noticed that mine has been open or stays open while driving. I haven't been using the AC or the Heat but I do note that this used to be closed or...
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    Car stuck at 3000rpm for a while?

    Same thing happens here on my 2019 NA engine (same engine as your Sport). If I drive spiritedly, the cooling fans do come on and stay on even with the engine off.
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    AC compressor not turning on

    Absolutely. The car is a lease, I have about 5 months left but I am planning on buying this out. My only regret is not leasing a turbo model.
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    AC compressor not turning on

    I asked for a loaner however they were all booked until end of December. I’d rather just get this done. Thankfully I had a family member come and pick me up. I just picked up the car and the AC works now. I didn’t realize we had some sort of protective plastic in front of the condenser. That’s...