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    Winter Tires For 20' GT

    Maybe 1 member is unhappy with the Parada's, however, plenty, including myself are very satisfied with the performance of the 20" Yokohama Parada's in dry and snow here in Chicago area. TireRack ranks it #1 in its category. Winter wheels+tires will cost $$$$ Good set of all-season tires with...
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    Rx-8 rims on CX-9?

    I would be concerned with weight. Are you sure the lightweight RX-8 wheels can handle the 4300 lbs weight of a CX-9?
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    AWD in snow

    Yes, I subscribe to Motor Trend. I saw that too. I must admit that I was more than surprised!
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    Why the CX 9 leads it's class

    Most drivers (cattle) are about point A to point B. Hence the high sales of Slowyota. Mazda's are for enthusiast drivers which are comparably fewer in number. CX-9 = Zoom Zoom with Room for Seven!
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    My CX-9 AWD Tried to Do Me In

    Mazda CX-9 OEM Duellers + Deep Snow = Disaster!! Amen! +1 for the Yokohama Spec-X.
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    Extended warrenty?

    Yes, you can anytime before 36 months/36k miles. I just do not trust any aftermarket warranty companies. Waay too many horror stories. Personally I would ONLY go with the Mazda Total Care Protection Plan...
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    HELP: Looking to purchase 2008 GT FWD-CX-9

    Mazda CX-9 = Zoom Zoom with Room for 7! Go for it! 21k miles and ZERO problems *touch wood* With the auto industry in a historical mess, you can get a steal!
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    Extended warranty

    (rlaugh) (rlaugh) (rlaugh)
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    I thought it was about time to unveil my new CX-9

    Nice...VERY NICE!! Both your cars are just beautiful! :)
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    Yet another tire question!

    Plenty of threads covering tires, especially with the GT models. Yes, the Bridgetone Duelers are bad...very bad in winter/snow. Yes, seperate set of rims+tires (Blizzaks) might not be necessary unless you live in the snowy mountains. Personally, I would stay with stock size. A good set of...
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    New CX-9 Grand Touring/Tire Concerns

    None taken...The Continental ContiExtreme on my Speed6 are more than halfway gone after 14k miles!! By 20k (if not earlier), they will need replacing. 500+ miles on my new Parada Spec-X & loving every mile of it! :)
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    Slipping and sliding in the snow.

    The OEM Bridgestone Duelers are good in dry but a complete disaster in snow/ice/slush. It is a very common & known issue here on CX-9 forums. I replaced all 4 with Yokohama Parada Spec-X. HUGE difference. Highly recommended!
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    Extended warranty

    So, did you buy it? Was it the factory (Mazda) plan or something aftermarket? Please let us know the details...
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    I was invited earlier this month...

    Thank you & welcome! Glad to have you on board!! :-)
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    New CX-9 Grand Touring/Tire Concerns

    Yokohama Parada Spec-X...WOW!! What a difference compared to stock Bridgestones. Very impressed with these tires. Cuts right through whatever mother nature here in Chicago winter, throws at it! :) (2thumbs) Highly recommended for our CX-9's!(2thumbs)
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    3 finalists to replace the Duellers

    Very impressed with YOKOHAMA PARADA SPEC-X I too was extremely frustrated with the Bridgestone Duelers especially in Chicago winter/snow conditions. (nailbyt) It was bad...very bad! :eek: After doing a lengthy research I went with the Yokohama Parada Spec-X. Paid $175 installed at local...
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    Extended warranty

    Is this warranty offered by Mazda or is it aftermarket? If it is aftermarket, do not waste even $1 on it. It is worthless. If it is the Mazda Extended Protection Plan - TOTALCARE package, then it is a fantastic deal. Details on coverages here...
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    New CX-9 Grand Touring/Tire Concerns must've gone with the 255/50R20 size, correct? When I searched, these do not come in our OEM size of 245/50R20. Tirerack also rates this tire as extremely good in winter snow & ice.
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    Toyo S/T II's at 255-50-20

    Any CX-9 snow updates on the Toyo's?
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    CX-9 Buyer concern. Help!!

    I have to agree with everyone on here about the OEM Bridgestone Duelers on all points. (a) They are bad in snow (b) With 20k miles, the tread is a little over 1/8" remaining. The CX-9 AWD system is directly borrowed from the company that makes one of the safest cars on the road, Volvo. I've...