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    Third month impressions on my 2019 Mazda3

    I'm wondering if this is a case of the tires following the grooves and ruts in the road (tramlining). My 2006 Mazda 6 used to do that constantly with the Pirelli tires that came with the car. After they were replaced with a different tire from another manufacturer the issue went away. But it...
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    Turbo: nobody home?

    Savagegeese has mentioned in previous videos that turbos lose some of their punch with repeated short term use. It's been too long since he mentioned it to remember which review it was but he was very specific about it being a general problem with turbocharged engines. It was not directed at...
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    Live 2019 Mazda3 Reveal

    Thanks for the reviews!
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    It's particularly frustrating because I'd really prefer to buy the vehicle from one of the local dealerships. My family had a business a generation ago and I understand how hard it is to be a small player. It'd be nice to give them the business. In the end it'll just come down to weighing the...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    I'm in South Jersey and the dealers around here won't deal. Been trying for a couple of years, too, and they just won't budge past about 5%. When folks post the deals they get in California or Texas it makes me crazy. Some of the dealers in PA will do a bit better than the NJ dealers but...
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    Live 2019 Mazda3 Reveal

    I'm waiting for the reviews to find out if the new rear suspension is OK or if it ruins the car. We'll see. As far as the single trim level for the manual, it's a bit odd but it makes sense to me. I love driving a manual if it's a good one. Spare me the screaming and yelling if you don't or...
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    Car and Driver 2019 CX5 article.

    The installed at the factory JBL systems always seemed to sound better, to me, than the factory Bose systems. That said, the Bose in the 2017 CX 5 sounded far better than the Bose system in a 2014 Mazda 6 (which was pretty bad) and better than the Bose system in my 2006 Mazda 6 (also pretty...
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    CX5 Turbo confirmed!

    It's not been that many years since Ford got rid of their shares of Mazda. Back then the popular belief was that Mazda was going to cease to exist as it was too small to go it alone. Instead, around 2013 or so Mazda release the Skyactive engines and the new Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5. All of a...
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    The unreliable Mazda ?

    Our 4 cyl. Accord lost it's transmission at 63k. I've never had a car lose something as important as an engine or transmission before 120k before the Accord. I'd say it was a fluke except there's a whole Honda forum full of folks who've had the same problem. We've had Hondas and Mazdas over...
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    2.5T turbo for 2018 Mazda6

    One of the Mazda reps at the Philly Auto Show said the green light has been given for the turbo motor in the CX-5. No other info or time line was given. I'd really expected something like that would make it to the forums pretty quickly but there's been no word of it from any official channel...
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    Transmission blown at 72K miles

    Our 2002 Honda Accord with a 4 cyl engine lost it's transmission at 63K. The V6's were more prone towards the issue but even the smaller engine had the issue. Frankly, it's one of the only reasons her next car may be a Mazda. Once the promise of the Honda uber-reliability has been shattered...
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    2018 Camry Compared to Mazda6

    The term skyactiv is a marketing ploy (and not a greatly named one at that) but like you said, the technology they use is pretty interesting. Remember, too, that when they came out with these engines in 2011 or 2012 the cost of gas was very high and these engines gave Mazda some of the best...
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    The TouchScreen in cars debate

    Losing the handbrake for the electric version is particularly nasty for those of us that like to drive a stick. Even on a hill you just start easing the clutch as you start letting the handbrake go. Yes, there is hill assist but I've been on several test drives where the hill assist didn't...
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    The TouchScreen in cars debate

    There's a video out on Youtube from a Mazda event with Dave Coleman explaining why the infotainment system works as it does. They've done videos of people driving and interacting with the screen and evidently it showed most people look away from the road for far too long. Since there are no...
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    2017~2023 Will I regret not getting the Bose stereo?

    It will be easier to upgrade a non Bose car stereo. The Bose systems always have ultra low resistance speakers than can't be replaced easily and odd amplifiers to match. I've never been a Bose fan. Not their home gear or their car stereos. The Bose setup in my 2006 Mazda 6, if adjusted just...
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    Are dealers "dealing" on 17's?

    I do a mix of the methods. Quotes from various dealers, some large dealerships and some smaller ones, and then I sit down with the local dealership to see if we can work out something reasonable. They know I have quote and have a good idea of what the car is worth so it tends to be reasonably...
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    Are dealers "dealing" on 17's?

    Several years back a friend got an amazing price on a new Mazda about 2 hours away from us. He got price verification in email and asked them on the phone several times if the price was going to be honored. Of course they said yes. When he got down there they wouldn't sell him the car at that...
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    Are dealers "dealing" on 17's?

    It amazes me how much more of a discount you get on a Mazda on the West coast as opposed to the East coast. Most quotes around here average about $27,500 with several dealers above $28,000 and one (a few hours away) being slightly under $27,000.
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    AWD Inventory

    One of the oddities of the CX-5 car search is the lack of AWD inventory in my neck of the woods. Just about all of the CX-5's have AWD and finding one that's just FWD is difficult. The two local dealers list 80 CX-5's between them yet just 4 of them are front wheel drive. We're in the...
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    Promotional Test Drive

    This was in the middle of June around the Philly area. The tour had been to other cities and was going to Boston after Philly. When I signed up it sounded like a quick 5 or 10 minute deal but since we were interested in the CX-5 it seemed like a good idea to sign up anyway. Had no idea...