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    HEY ANY MP3 get near 50 k miles?

    Only 10k on mine :P
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    MP3 Body Decals

    I know that my grill isn't the best.. but it was a quick and cheap mod. I plan on doing something this summer, since I may have more time to do something about it. Suggestions maybe? :) I also have a question: If I take the side stripe out after 2-3 years, will I need to repaint the car? (The...
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    MP3 Body Decals

    Here aresome pics of a blue MP3 with yellow side graphics (tribal) Pic 1 Pic 2
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    MP3 non-existant Rear door speakers

    I was thinking of puting 6" speakers in the rear door, connected to the head unit and driving the rear 6x9" with a small amp... what do you guys think?
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    MP3 with Hood scoop! Pics and Links...

    Kooldino, yes it does...
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    Hey guys have you noticed this about our air vents?

    AC is always ON when you channel it to your windshield. The reason is that AC air is dry so the fog buildup goes away faster. (Works better with HOT AC air of course :) ) The again, I think the AC motor is always on, that's why you don't see any difference... This time, I think it's to prevent...
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    mp3 with yellow flames on side

    It won't be for this summer yet, but I'm thinking about it...
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    mp3 with yellow flames on side

    I agree, I've had a great weekend in Montreal!!!
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    mp3 with yellow flames on side

    Yes it is :) It's chrome vinyl...
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    Damn clutch

    Have the same probleme in the morning when I first start up the car. When I come back from work it's ok. Only 6000km on it.. and I don't run the hell out of my car... :(
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    mp3 with yellow flames on side

    Is that the one?
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    mp3 with yellow flames on side

    That would be me :)
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    MP3 spotted! C'est peut-tre quelqu'un ici qui s'est arret sur St-Denis pour regarder ma mp3?!?! Jtais entrain de diner un ptit resto Italien et ma mp3 tait juste devant... Le gars est rest quand meme assez longtemps, alors jmen allais lui parler, mais il est parti avant que j'aille le temps de...
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    When is your Birthday???

    May 23, i'll be 22 also!
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    It was the Mp3 or the girl... guess what I chose? :p lol j/k
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    Protege MP3 Vs. Celica GT

    I bet the Mp3 is a very little bit quicker than a GT. But I don't think we stand a chance against a GT-S even if it's auto...
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    MP3/MP5 National Meet

    Why not do this in Montral? ;) Dallas is far but I could take some vacation over there.
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    Actually, ABS helps in dry condition when you brake too late. Since the wheel doesn't lock, you can still turn. But you shouldn't brake too late in the first place :)
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    Cheaper Clear Sidemarkers

    It won't fit.. The probleme is that the hole under the side marker is huge!!! Take a look and see. It's very easy to take them off
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    pictures of hood scoop

    Hood Scoop You mean this one?