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    Culvers meet up in collinsville Today at 7 pm. Culver's 100 United Drive, Collinsville, Illinois 62234 sorry for the late update!
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    Culvers meet up in collinsville Today at 7 pm. Culver's 100 United Drive, Collinsville, Illinois 62234 sorry for the late update!
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    Pdipped Rims and trim Pro5 CLEAN SON!

    it doesnt look bad.i was actually in elkhorn wi this past week to buy my miata.
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    4100, and its the original owner. cali titled and never driven in the snow. pic of the under carriage to prove it
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!! and i bought this!! picking this up from an original owner. 1990 miata 5 speed with 80k on the clock!
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    Piston Ring Replacement

    smoke on start up and heavy acceleration. rings were suggested to me by my mechanic who also said it could be either one. im doing the seals this weekend, and if its still acting up after that, then ill go in and get the rings done. whats the difference between the standard rings and the...
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    Piston Ring Replacement

    thank you, im going to tackle the valve stem seals as my research has led me to believe that this may be the culprit. but if all goes back to gether and there is still signs of burning oil. the rings will then be dealt with. thanks for the list of parts.
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    Piston Ring Replacement

    Ok guys, and girls. Im doing a piston ring replacement and need all the help i can get. Im looking for a list or pointers of things i need to buy, things to replace while i am down there, and any advice you could give me. I havent done this before so any help is going to be appreciated.
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    ive been on autotempest the past few days and have found some deals on them, now its just a waiting game for someone to bite the bullet and buy my car lol
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    well guys.... lets see what happens, im secretly in love with the NA miatas and cant afford to have a love affair with both these beautiful women.
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    haha thanks man. i was searching CL for the longest time and ran across theses before but someone had beat me to the punch. and this last time i had plans to fix my gold wheels (FS btw) and paint them black and then the racing harts popped up and i picked them up the next day for $200. keep an...
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    I am shocked!

    i am super jealous..hopefully something comes up for the 2002.
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    well what i thought i had saved was a diagram that showed how to connect the sedan lights to the pro5 wiring harness. but i have lost it(hand). i have never dealt with the actual projector housing when it comes to HIDs, i usually just threw them in halogen housing and blinded everyone heading...
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    Thanks! I have been planning on doing an exhaust set up for sometime now. i was thinking about the ebay exhaust just because its cheap and seems to be getting great reviews from everyone on here. You are 100% correct. i need to get them painted asap. i was thinking about doing just gloss black...
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    opinions please!!!

    do it, its only plastidip.
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    Stuff I found on eBay or Craigslist Today (NOT FOR PERSONAL SALES)

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    new member, tips and advice appreciated

    i feel i does, i could be wrong. but it looks 100x better than the metal rake that comes stock.
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    Red Pro5 Semi-Build

    ahhh thank you!! that is exactly what i was looking for.
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    BUILD!!! (Paint/Stance)

    sub'd. what bulb size are the led turns you have installed?