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    2019 CX-5 Diesel

    I think the whole "going upscale" thing will backfire for Mazda. Their market following has been with folks wanting fun-to-drive vehicles. They lost me by losing the manual and the driving engagement it offers. A better option than the diesel would have been a premium 2.5 or 2.5T Manual that...
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    What Other Cars Do You Have Beside Your CX-5?

    I alternate DD duty between my 2016 CX-5 and my 2018 Colorado. Both manuals of course!
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    2019 CX-5 getting 2.5 Turbo engine??

    Because there are no consequences, no accountability. It was once important to maintain credibility or you became marginalized or insignificant. Now, one can spew anything and maintain presence, without any fact checking or accuracy.
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    Mazda Appoints New CEO, Prioritises USA - Wonder If Any Immediate Impact On CX-5

    Yeah, I know, it's over for manuals. It sure is fun to drive, even with the lowly 2.0L
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    Mazda Appoints New CEO, Prioritises USA - Wonder If Any Immediate Impact On CX-5

    Yeah, but they lost me when they dropped the REAL manual. At least in the CX-5.
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    2017~2023 Tire Pressure Sensor for 2017 CX-5 - $91.74 EACH!

    If you don't get genuine SkyActiv OEM TPMS sensors, mileage and performance will suffer!(rolleyes)
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    Is the 2018 CX-5 engine a Ford?

    While the spinoffs originated from the parent, they are no longer the same company. In fact, Mitubishi is part of the Renault-Nissan group. As distinct as Ford and Mazda now.
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    If you could change one thing...

    I wish the new one had the exact same tuning, steering as my '16, and most importantly, a 2.5 with manual transmission and double-DIN audio (suitable for high-end upgrade).
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    new small suv's with flash

    That is the biggest bummer. Now I am out of options when I replace the CX-5. I wish the new Rav4 was availible with a 6-speed manual. The CX-5 MT-6 is fun and easy to drive, even in traffic.
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    Nice article - CX-5: Safety

    The driver was careless and was fortunate that she did not kill others by her poor driving. A little difference in timing, angle, speed or many other factors and there would be no good story. The car did not DO a job, it just worked out in this case. Would it be fair to highlight a story...
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    Mazda made a pickup truck? TIL what was it called? No badge on the back.

    I had a B2000 Sundowner from the early 80's. It was alright for a basic truck. The 92 Ranger I had later was a better truck.
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    Wouldn't it be nice...

    CX-5 or Wagon. Whichever they deem suitable for a manual transmission.
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    CX-5 Sales continue to set records

    I drive 40 miles each way to work, so miles add up quickly for me too. I too, avoid turbos for that reason. Even with advancements in metallurgy and lubrication, you still have rotating parts at 100,000 RPM resulting in higher temperatures and increased system complexity. A few years ago...
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    A Few Surprises from US 2018 Mazda CX-5

    I might buy another if they offered a manual, especially in a loaded model. I drove the Cherohala Skyway over the weekend and couldn't imagine not having a manual.
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    CX-5 Beauty Shot Thread

    I spent a lot of time in the Golden area (Denver West) throughout the 1990's. From the beginning of that decade to the end, I was stunned at the growth and crowded it became. Enjoyed it much however.
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    How Hard Would It Be For Mazda To Do This?

    Agree. The electric car subsidies are ridiculous. As far as Mazda is concerned, the appeal for many over the years was the availability of fun-to-drive, simple, affordable and reliable cars. Mazda has tried going upscale before with the Millenia without success. Most Japanese makers had to...
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    Vacation trip to Colorado (winter tires?)

    There are many forum members living that area that can speak more authoritative on winter driving, but I can give you a visitor's perspective. I worked in the Denver area in the 1990's, and drove around in the winter quite a bit. The vehicles were rentals, and I would sneak up into areas like...
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    Mazda \ Toyota building a US plant

    Mazda getting CVTs is a plus??!
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    How do you like your manual CX-5?

    It is great and fun to drive. The reason I have the CX-5 is for the manual. There are some on the forum that say a manual has no place in an SUV/CUV. If that is the case, then why is "driving dynamics" and handling always touted as the CX-5's main allure on the forum? I mean, both attributes...
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    Traded CX-5 for 2018 Tiguan

    I was interested in the Tiguan a few years ago, but they dropped the manual in 2014 and I ended up with the Mazda.