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    FS: Racing Beat Muffler

    I have had this sitting around forever, bought it from someone semi local right before I wrecked my P5. I was just kind of holding on to it in case I ever found another P5 to buy, but I just need the space. It is off a sedan, I can not remember if Racing Beat just sold this or if it was from a...
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    Bike rack for 03 Protege5?

    Strange, I normally see them just because it is a rare car to pop up. Plus a white one I would notice because my car was white. I just see a lot of clean stock red ones.
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    Upgrade Bose Speakers?

    I swapped in a cheap-ish set of Pioneers into my 06 3 with Bose, and they worked fine without that. The only issue was they were coaxial, and I did not like the highs coming from the upper tweeters and then the speakers. Just an experiment really, I may eventually upgrade.
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    Bike rack for 03 Protege5?

    Redding? Now I am going to be looking for a P5 with a hitch rack. I thought I had (key was wrecked) the only one with a hitch rack. I had a Kuat Transfer. Now it's on my 3.
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    Genuine Mazda Hitch/Tow Bar Part # ?

    Not sure what is funny about the bike rack, all I need a hitch for. If I had something worth towing, I'd use something else to tow it...... I've seen Hobie cats and Uhaul trailers being towed by 3's, not sure why you would need to import a hitch.
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    Genuine Mazda Hitch/Tow Bar Part # ?

    Not sure what year you have, but I installed a Curt on my 06, and put a Curt on a friends 2010, and they both fit perfectly. We both only use it for a bike rack.
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    *new to this* possibly motor mount or strut..?

    These cars are notorious for having bad passenger motor mounts. How long have you owned it? Ever changed the mount?
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    A few random parts

    Cargo Cover sold....
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    WTB: 2004-2009 Mazda 3 hatchback cargo tray

    96003 or 81130. 81130 probably cheaper.
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    WTB: 2004-2009 Mazda 3 hatchback cargo tray

    Looking for the OEM cargo tray that protects the truck/hatch area. Not the privacy cover, but the piece that goes on the floor. Thanks!
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    A few random parts

    You have a PM
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    Advice: 2010 5 Door w/ 15,000 Miles

    Are you buying because it's low mileage, or because it's the car you are looking for? What I mean is, if you would prefer a manual, but the car is more appealing because of the odometer? Were you looking for a sedan or hatch? Don't buy it strictly for the low mileage unless it's what you want.
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    A few random parts

    Tweeters sold.
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    A few random parts

    Wiper switch sold!
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    1st Gen MZ3 Clear Lens for headlights back in stock @ Retrofit Source

    Do you have any experience with them? My car has factory HID's and I am happy with them, but more light is always a good thing.
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    Mazda 3 2005 - no cd tape or md

    I have a Grom unit and as far as I know, it is one of the only ones that will let you use the steering wheel controls. Works great!
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    A few random parts

    Thanks for the patience on it, hopefully it arrived in good shape.... The hitch for my 3 took 3 attempts before one finally arrived that was not hanging out of the box, being dragged everywhere. Hitch sold, list updated.
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    2010 Mazda 3 2.5l motor mount

    BBN3-39-060B Says auto trans, but does not list anything for a manual? Just call Mazda and get the part number, then order online.
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    Bluetooth Gen 1 M3: Anyone try this sucker?

    I have a Grom from and I can tell you it works great. Pretty simple to install I say bite the bullet and try that one, and let Ebay/Paypal protect you if it sucks.