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    Using CX-5 Navigation Card in CX-3

    So I currently have a CX-5 GT 2017 that came with a Navigation card. I upgraded to Android Auto and never use the Nav that came with the car anymore. My daughter is buying a CX-3 GS 2019 that doesn't have Navigation and I wanted to give her my Navigation card to use in it. The dealer told me...
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    Galaxy S3 text message readout issue

    Just tried this and it worked!! I also made sure to delete any text messages that had emoji icons in it just to be on the safe side.
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    Not receiving text messages ?

    I have the Samsung S4 and the phonebook if working fine but the text messages aren't downloading. It says downloading then says it failed try again. When I had the S2 lte the phonebook wasn't downloading but the text messages were. Very frustrating. Does anybody have a solution for this??
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    Rear brakes gone at 15k..

    Brakes seized at 18k On my way home my tire pressure indicator went off. When I got out to look at the tires I noticed smoke coming from the rear wheel. The brake was seized. Some rocking got the wheel to stop smoking and brought it directly to my dealership. Turns out my rear brakes were...