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    Just purchased Crys Soul Red CX-5 Sig. What paint sealer or wax aftter first wash?

    If I was buying a brand new car right now and wasn't going to get it professionally coated + PPF, I would probably do this: - clay all paint - spray down with some kind of iron remover (clay won't get that out) - polish. Because it's new paint, there shouldn't be much in the way of deep...
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    Fuel Economy

    My 2017 AWD has recorded 10.8L/100km over the last 3500km. This is ~20% highway driving. I've got about 25,000km on the car but i'm not sure how to check its overall fuel economy. I'd guess it's pretty close to 10.8 though.
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    Drove a 2019 Signature Yesterday

    You could just block the projector with a piece of black cardboard or something, no? But ya it should definitely stay off if turned off.
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    What features do you miss from the car you traded for the CX5?

    That is true - it does have an effect, and I think it kind of does what the engineers had in mind. But in my experience it's still just as dumb/inconsistent regardless of the sensitivity set by the intermittent speed dial. I've messed around with it a bit to make sure that I wasn't being...
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    What features do you miss from the car you traded for the CX5?

    From my 2003 (!!) BMW... - rain-sensing wipers with a brain - proper interior illumination
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    Turbo: nobody home?

    What happened to the golf R? If I was going to trade in my cx-5 today, that would be top of my list. I love my cx-5 but if I could go back in time I would consider the VW way more seriously. Maybe in a couple years I'll look at a trade in for a CPO golf R. Macan S would be out for me as it's...
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    First impressions CX-5 Signature Canuck edition

    ++ I got these thrown in by the dealer when I got my 2017. Two fronts and a single one for the rear that goes all the way across. Perfect matts. Get them! They are on the mazda Canada site as a cx-5 accessory.
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    AWD activation

    Anecdotal experience not directly addressing the main question... But we have had some serious snow here this last week and my CX-5 has been great in the snow even on these all season Toyos. Getting up and down snowy and icy hills has been absolutely uneventful. A number of cars stuck in...
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    No Chatter About The G-vectoring Upgrade

    GVC was standard for 2017 cx-5. The GVC would have been the same in those two vehicles you mention.
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    Light leakage on HVAC controls

    Is that lighting's brightness hooked up to the brightness control dial in the guage cluster? I can't recall, but my guess is yes. Try turning that down and see what happens.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I routed a USB-C cable from the centre armrest console through the tunnel and then up into the compartment under the climate controls. When my phone was plugged in directly to the USB ports in the armrest console, it didn't have anywhere to site properly... just plopped awkwardly in the cup...
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    Car and Driver 2019 CX5 article.

    If we're still talking about the CX-5 here, I could see some people preferring a taller ride given that it's technically a 'utility' vehicle. But I bet most CX-5 buyers don't consider higher ground clearance a critical criteria when it comes to their 'utility' requirements. For these folks, I...
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    2019 CX-5 Reviews

    I just want to see his review because I'm interested in the car and I find his reviews entertaining and informative. If I drive it myself I'll end up buying one or being sad that I didnt.
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    2019 CX-5 Reviews

    Waiting for savagegeese to get his hands on it. He reviewed the 2017 so recently though, so the 2019 might not be high on his list.
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    Super dissatisfied with the CX-5 2.5 Turbo Part 2

    People can sometimes feel the need to defend their current "thing", whatever that might be, when a newer version of that thing is available and people are enjoying it. I think that's in our nature. Some take it too far by tearing down the new thing, and those people can be tough to ignore. I...
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    Super dissatisfied with the CX-5 2.5 Turbo Part 2

    Appliance is in the eye of the beholder. The gen1 was noisier/buzzier with cheaper feeling interior and a less sophisticated design. I liked the vehicle for sure and would likely have bought one if gen2 wasn't right around the corner when I was buying. But for me an "appliance" vehicle is...
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    2017~2023 Bought a Signature

    Nice. I really like those wheels. Nice design and a bit lighter in colour than the optional 19s I got on my 2017. Did not love the stock pizza wheels on that model year. Machine grey is a great colour. Smart choice! :)
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    2017~2023 Milky Film in Headlights - But in a 2017 GT

    What did the dealer say?
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    Noises and squeaks

    All good with my 2017 touring, ~15k km. Once in a while I'll notice the engine more than I'd like, but much less so than the 2016 that I test drove. Even brand new that one was overall a bit too noisy for me. Mazda did a good job taming the NVH with gen2.
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    Test drove a '19 GT-R and Signature today

    Congrats. Mega jealous!