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    Mile Per Gallon!!!!

    AWD vs. FWD After reading through all the comments about MPG on this board and others, it appears that there is a much larger difference in MPG between the AWD and FWD models than the official numbers indicate. It seems that the FWD model gets 18-21 combined MPG and owners are generally happy...
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    Seat back tables?

    I have just started my research on the 5 and have found pictures showing fold down tables on the back of the front seats - for use by the second row passengers. I know the Euro model has many more available features and I wonder whether these tables are available in the US models as well? Thanks.
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    Blind Spot Monitor

    Anyone know when this will be available? As usual, the dealers are clueless.
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    Harman Kardon Drive and Play with factory AUX-In?

    Thanks for the pics. Does the drive and play require its own power? If so, how did you power it?
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    Opt for Nav package or use stand alone?

    rc51, do you know if the CD player in the CX-9 will read DVDs encoded with MP3 files, or will it read CDs only?