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    WTB used second hand Corksport TMIC for MS3

    I'm looking to purchase a used second hand but fully functional and not damaged Corksport TMIC for my 08 MS3.
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    WTB full set of 4 Mazdaspeed 18.5" Wheels by Rays

    I'm looking for a full set of 4 Mazdaspeed 18x7.5" split 5 spoke Rays wheels for a reasonable price. Must also come with the original matching Mazdaspeed center caps.
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    Evo VIII Brembos Brakes and RX7 Brakes on the Protege 3rd Gen

    Well I know this is a very old thread but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask a question. lol I have a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 and I would also like to go the DIY big brake kit rout. the cheapest new setup I found was a 4 pot Willwood DynoPro for like $600 that would work with stock MS3 rotors. This...
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    WTB a good set of Mazdaspeed Rays 18x7.5 Wheels

    If your selling a set of the light weight Mazdaspeed 18x7.5 Rays I'm interested. Live in the central Florida area. I know they are available from the factory new and can be purchased now accept I'm trying to pay well under the $2100 they go for new! lol I have seen them go for as little as $700...