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    Various parts from junked P5, leather, header, +more!

    Bump! Leathers include shipping now. Tax return season is upon us, you know you want too! (wink)
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    Various parts from junked P5, leather, header, +more!

    Selling various parts from a junked P5. Parts listed are only parts I have at the moment. Prices include shipping within CONTUS. Very clean leather interior swap (all seat skins, headrests, and upper door panels)- $300 shipped! Oem Black floor mats -SOLD Obx header with 2 o2 sensors - SOLD...
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    Just another yellow P5 build...

    [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108] Damn dude! Haven't checked on this in awhile and I must say, Bravo!! Definitely one of the cleanest around currently!
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    [DEFUNCT] The College-Budget P5

    Looks very clean! Welcome to the best place for P5 knowledge! If you have facebook make sure to join the various Protege pages, lots of great deals and parts are sold pretty often! Keen to see more man [emoji106]
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    Leather skin removal

    Hey all, found a mint P5 in the junkyard with full leather interior and have gotten the skins off all the seats, but I'm not sure if the headrests have skins or if it's part of the whole headrest. I'm grabbing to sell them so it'd be cheaper to ship if the headrests have skins, but not sure...
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    Taco Cat's 2002.5 Pro5 build

    Thank you! I've been trying to keep it clean and fix what I can without going crazy with the mod bug. And yeah the red lugs have chipped a lot, I've taken my wheels off tons so a good bit has flaked off. Doesn't look terrible though once installed as the top of the lugs doesn't get touched
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    Taco Cat's 2002.5 Pro5 build

    Thanks man! It's been super reliable for me, can't ask for much more. And yeah I'm loving the jetta. Doesn't drive like the P5, doesn't have that "sporty" feel, but the boost makes up for it. Also the mpg's are a very nice bonus
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    Taco Cat's 2002.5 Pro5 build

    Ain't that the truth haha worth it though when the wheels are clean. I love the Mazdaspeed axleback. Not loud, but definitely adds more tone. With the rest of the exhaust stock there's zero rasp. A+ from me 🖒
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    Taco Cat's 2002.5 Pro5 build

    So it's been forever since I updated this, but I've been documenting some progress I've made. Had some free time and decided to add it all here finally. A little while after I got my exhaust I ordered a new fog light from JP Parts. My passenger one had some gross corrosion in the lens and ate...
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Nice finds! That looks like a very nice steering wheel. I know many prefer the 3 spoke "sportier" wheel, but a non torn up wheel is definitely better 🖒 Excited to see more from your build!
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    My P5 build thread...

    Looks awesome man! Never been a fan of the 3 spoke Advans, but they look pretty good on the P5. Plus white wheels are always a good choice 🖒stance looks really nice too!
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    the p5nugget

    Looks good man, keeping it clean 🖒any future plans for it?
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    Jazzy's BJII SP20

    Car is looking great! Love the tasteful mods you've done. What's the shift knob you have? Digging the lighted knob! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Nigel, the little P5 that could

    Awesome stuff man! Glad to see new builds up and alive. Looks like you have a great plan laid out. If you want some tribute washer nozzles I have a set for sale for only $12 shipped if you're interested? Keep it up! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Mustard, the yellow P5

    Fyi when doing the mazda6 calipers buy 06-08 calipers. Apparently those are different than other years and are the biggest. I'm not sure how accurate that is though. I just bought 06 to be safe. I'm also not sure if the rotors are different, but they could be as well. Good luck man! Sent from...
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    Just another yellow P5 build...

    Hey man if you want another intermittent stalk to see if that is the problem I have a few. Ill swap it into my car to make sure it functions 100%. You can have it for the cost of shipping, I'd love to help your build Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    02 Suspension rebuild

    I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure the sport suspension is for the Mazdaspeeds. They had upgraded suspension like struts, springs, and sway bars. The P5 should have the regular suspension components. EDIT: Well, seems like I'm wrong haha ignore my post
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    Adjustable Intermittent Wiper stalks, Tribute Side markers and washer nozzles!

    Bump, forgot I still have a bunch of all these! Good starting mods for new owners (wink)
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    The Dream (JustJme)

    Looks awesome man! Love the red wheels, goes nicely with the blue paint. Another build I'll be following (thumb)
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    the p5nugget

    Sup man! Nice pickup on that P5. Just saw you're in Va Beach too, awesome to see another local around! You ever go to Night Moves? There's always a couple P5's there and they're all black haha I'm the only one not lowered yet :( around here most shops want about $200 to do our cars. I took mine...