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    505 v3 Intake Manifold and Jay Racing NEVER USED $700

    This intake manifold has never been used and is in perfect condition. I paid well over $1200, but am parting with it to help fix other issues with my MSP. Thanks everyone. For the easiest way to contact me, text [removed]. Second contact at [removed]
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    Msp part out

    if the original guy falls through id like to see a pic of the headlights. pm'ing my email
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    505 V3 Billet Intake Manifold *GB*

    since there are now a for sure 15 spots, does that change the cost in any way?
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    505 V3 Billet Intake Manifold *GB*

    ok, thats what i was thinking. any better part will make the whole of the engine perform better. could you tell me the benefits of the remote mounted egr and the jay spacer and fuel rail?
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    505 V3 Billet Intake Manifold *GB*

    the exhaust manifold was a must for me as well, however i knew there was such a list of them that have been manufactured since 03, most of which aren't around anymore. I just didn't know what was out there to be found. as far as the tuning, i have never tuned anything as far as ecu changes. but...
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    505 V3 Billet Intake Manifold *GB*

    hey all, i would like to be the 10th person, i just had a few questions. i will be putting this on my car with the intent of having better and more dependable parts. I will be replacing my hot and cold pipes for hard pipes, replacing my mic for the custommsp smic, and also replacing a few other...
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    MSP Production Numbers REFERB'D!

    USERNAME: MSProtege(918) STATE CAR RESIDES: Oklahoma Year 2003 or 2003.5: 2003 PRODUCTION NUMBER: #42 :) COLOR: Black Mica YEAR BOUGHT: 2014 YEAR SOLD (If you sold it): N/A
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    Mazdaspeed Protege Full Partout SD, CA

    Oh, and ogsp5, if you were willing to let Gabi sell me the valve cover I would make it worth your monetary while (yes)(yes)(yes)(yes)(yes)(thumb)(thumb)
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    Mazdaspeed Protege Full Partout SD, CA

    OK, I know I just recently sent you a message about it but the reason why I was so interested in this valve cover is this... It looked very very familiar's because the guy that I bought my Mazda speed protg from used to own this valve cover! And he showed me the picture of his original...
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    Tulsa MAZDASPEED Meets

    i have my 03 mazdaspeed protege and I'm here in tulsa. would be cool to get some other mazdaspeed proteges, 3's, miatas, etc together.
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    MSP racing hart wheel and 3 center caps

    hey man. i need a spare wheel to keep in my trunk. Unfortunately i live in OK but if the shipping isn't too through the roof I will totally buy it from you