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    Need help! CX-5 not stable on highway

    PSI on the doorjamb label for a '23 Turbo is 36
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    Is the CX-60 a dud?

    the diesel drives better in what way?
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    CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

    What step did you miss?
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    2016 GT Broken rear upper strut mount

    You might also consider increasing the psi of your tires when carrying a full load. Even though the US manual says the tires should be at 34psi, in other countries Mazda says to increase the tire pressure to 38psi front, and 42psi rear, when at full load
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    2022 CX-5 NA oil level question

    Just put 5 qts and call it a day. It's also common for the amount of oil in the containers not to be exactly 5 qts
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    First Alignment Toe Issues (2022 CX-9)

    For those of you with newish vehicles, Mazda has a 1 year/12k mi adjustment warranty that covers things like alignments
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    2023 New CX-5 Carbon Edition coolant level drop

    That TSB absolutely mentions a concentration change (right on page 1): "To solve this concern, two mass production changes have been implemented. a) The concentration of the coolant has been increased so that the amount of the contained anti-rust additive is higher. b) The composition of the...
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    CX-90 Owner’s manual

    same as the 3, 30, and 50 have had for a while
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    CX-90 Trim details, Pricing and Fuel economy press release

    Don't forget this part: "MSRP does not include $1,375 for destination and handling ($1,420 in Alaska), taxes, title, or additional fees. Dealers set actual sale prices."
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    2017 Mazda CX-5 drops BT calls and screen rebooting

    I'm going with software update
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    Latest CX-90 teaser (12/13/2022)

    the cladding is there, it's just body color. if Mazda follows their previous behavior the body color cladding will be on the most expensive trim and it will be black on the rest
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    Engine Additives and Warranty Coverage

    I was looking up warranty coverage for Mazda Colombia because of Pitter's post about issues she was having. I found the warranty booklet for Mazda Colombia and saw it has a section on engine additives. This a Google Translate copy/paste (pg 66)...
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    Woe Is Me

    what is the engine/powertrain warranty in Colombia? the oil leak would be covered under that
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    Scraping/Grinding Noise From Transfer Case (2017 Mazda CX-5)

    I've never seen a Mazda dealer do a hand written quote :unsure:
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    Mazda CX-5 (and other models) Oil Consumption TSB (WTF)

    the dipstick markers are MIN/MAX (w/1L between the two) with the operating range in the middle. Your 2.5T takes 5.1qts
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    Woe Is Me

    ask them to show you the brake pads Everything else should be covered under warranty
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    2017~2023 Strange Oil Change problem - can't read the dipstick properly, low oil level warning

    Sorry but I'm not seeing how 5qt can only get to the Min marker on a 2.5 NA. From Min to Max marks is 1L (close enough to a qt). That would mean to get to the Max line would take 6qts. afaik, all the 2.5 NAs use the same oil pan so there shouldn't be these wide variations between what people are...
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    DIY Engine oil change and Manufacturer Warranty

    I think they have this shortened interval because the warranty in Canada has unlimited miles (3 year bumper to bumper, 5 year powertrain, w/no mileage caps)
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    Prices for a full brake job, 2018 CX-5

    when is the last time you priced labor at an independent shop? that $70/hr looks like it's from 10 years ago
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    74.00.324A Infotainment FW Update

    Change Log: Ver. 74.00.324 fixes these software errors (bugs): If the shift lever is operated quickly while displaying the CarPlayTM screen, the rear view screen may not return to the CarPlayTM screen. • When the gear position is shifted into P from R, the screen may not return to the previous...