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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Not a today post but a this month post but whatever. Did 2 trips from WA to CA this month, went to Canada to pick up some msp parts and then did 2 deliveries to 2 buddies in Oregon who are turbo swapping their p5s. Both got turbo parts but one also scored a racingbeat catback I pulled...
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    Protege5 manual swap or map swap?

    I dig the mods! I like the 505 air box and 1.8l coil pack setup under the cover. Always thought of doing that with my p5 and cover but I have accumulated so many of the stock style coils I just run them till they die. Since rebuilding the car as it sits though I havnt gone through any coils but...
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    Protege5 manual swap or map swap?

    Well since everyone's posting their lovely cars here's my current ones. I just picked up and this silver that I drove 1000 miles up from CA to WA and it made the trip just fine with a trans and other heavy parts in the car. Manual trans with all options except rack and compass mirror. Blue...
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    Protege5 manual swap or map swap?

    Sure you could do all of that, but if sticking with the auto trans the difference in felt speed or power will be hardly noticeable. I'd say keep the auto trans car as the good looking daily (so maybe do suspension and wheels, tint etc for looks) and find another manual trans protege. It's the...
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    Protege5 manual swap or map swap?

    4psi would be pretty unnoticeable anyway. Just go manual trans swap and msp swap after. If your auto car has the triptonic shifter you will also need to swap the dash harness from a manual car which makes it a bit more tricky