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    Noises after axle, hub and knuckle install (2000 Mazda Protege)

    I'm having that same crunching and even poping sound that I can feel on the floor when turning or even going straight over rough roads. This is about 2 years after replacing my OEM CV joint with SKF brand. It worked good until now....and note I replaced my OEM just for preventative...
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    Mazda 3 Transmission In '01 Protege

    I think the first gen (batch) of Mazda 3's used the same tranny from the Protege... Read... It's the "FN4A-EL" used on the FS-DE, ZL-DE, ZL-VE, ZM-DE...... (4AT, FWD) Hearing those higher revs........... G15M-R 3rd generation 2.0 liter Proteg...
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    No brake pedal pressure!

    Get the booster checked
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    Auto Trans - Hard Shifts...

    Have you tried changing your tranny fluid? Use something compatible eg. Redline D4 ATF or Mobil1 ATF that's mazda M-V compatible
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    Putting a little more power back into my protege.

    That's how a bad "molten" knock sensor looks. If yours is leaking the black goo of death....It's time to replace!!! Is your car Automatic? If yes & the sensor is bad it will send a signal to the ECU to retard timing, thus causing a lazy feeling & leaving you in 3rd gear when you press the...
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    Corksport Radiator install question

    Is it true that you will need a separate ATF cooler, because the CS radiator is for the MTX Protege?
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    Putting a little more power back into my protege.

    Have you ever changed the knock sensor?
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    Knock sensor

    What are the symptoms of your knock sensor going bad? My ZM engine knock sensor has the black sticky stuff coming out of it! I can't cross 120kMH & if i floor it ...well it just accelerates slowly. Any one ever had to change their knock sensor? What were the symptoms? Does it give a CEL?
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    Automatic transmission surge

    I got a surge problem too. When i release the accelerator to cruise i get a jerk, but it's rpm specific!!! When i release the accelerator & RPM reaches 1500 it just drops to 1000 real fast, sp fast you get a jerk. Now that's not a nice feeling in traffic. 2003 BJ 1.6L ZM-DE Auto Any solutions?
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    Got my "clunck" noise fixed

    This is so true. I'm from Trinidad.............where the worst roads in the world exist!!! I own a 1.6 ZM Protege brought in from singapore. It's now doing 61k kM's and i've had it since 22k kM. I've already changed cradle(control arm) bushings six times and i'm now getting the 'trunk clunk'...
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    Where is the knock sensor?

    The electrical connector is on the driver's side of the engine. When u find the sensor trace the wire
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    Over Drive blinks

    Get it scanned!
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    Too much air out muffler

    2003 protege 45000kM Recently my pro has alot of air flowing out the muffler. It has no color in the day but at night with a car's headlight behind it you can see the whitish smoke. Also my oil used to remain on the F mark until my next oil change but now it has to be topped up before the...