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    painted wheels

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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    Changed the oil, tomorrow shall be an overall clean the car day!
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    plug trunk holes

    a few months ago someone jacked my emblem from the back hatch, I went with the cheap way of covering the holes and I like it. cost like .78 hehe, I didn't want to shell out 45 bucks for a new emblem or have it painted.
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    Changed out to winter steelies, I have a feeling the snow will come any day now in the midwest. Snapped off one of the lug nut studs in the process. A simple task turned out to be an ordeal. Also oil change today at 33k.
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    Now let's see those white ms3!

    so purrty!
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    WI: I Spotted a Mazda Thread

    haha yeah, you honked just as the arrow turned for green, I'm glad I didn't slip the clutch because there was a cop a car behind me. I was wondering who that was, all I saw was the black speed3 with a hood scoop.
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    WI: I Spotted a Mazda Thread

    Spotted a TR speed3 in the faculty parking lot of Pulaski High School, twice now. It's right on 27th and oklahoma. Wonder if it's anyone out here.
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    WI: I Spotted a Mazda Thread

    That would be me, I work at that Borders, come by say hello sometime.
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    traded my speed3 for my dads SUV for the week since I'm going camping, and we could use something a little higher off the ground.
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    Random misfire

    mine wasn't as harsh as Ambersand, but I threw that P0300 CEL today. On my way back from work, I did some spirited driving on the highway. The CEL went on when I shifted from 5th to 6th. I stopped by the local Advance Auto Parts and asked them for a CEL check. He said P0300 random misfire...
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    Yikes ! Inexpensive (ONLY $ 18) very useful cool s

    sweet deal, quick clicking links!
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    total mileage check for speed3 owners

    about to hit 30k, purchased brand new may 2008.
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    Now let's see those white ms3!

    How did you get the fog lights to stay on without the headlights on?
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    I just thought the sticker was funny, and it's vinyl so easy to take off if I get bored of it. Yeah I've seen a few cars with the badges painted to match the body color and it works wonders on this car.
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    Painted the front emblem white, added the "illest" decal. Now to save up that grand for wheels to match lol.
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    Orange Rota Grids installed and more to come soon!!

    I liked the Orange but this looks fantastic!
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    Mazdaspeed vs Deer.. Speed wins by a hair.

    that sucks is everyone who was in the car ok? I've never had that happen but I can't imagine it being a good experience. On a funny note, my wife said that the first pic looks like the ms3 is about to cry with a tear forming by the head light.
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    Personalized License plates

    hahaha, I've been wanting it since I saw the Toyota sienna commercials. I'm hoping that maybe HI OFICR will get accepted with my reason that my dad is a cop and it's an homage lol .