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    Neutral safety switch 5 speed Protege5

    A bad or disconnected neutral switch will also affect the idle. If the clutch is depressed and the clutch switch is good, the ECU will idle the engine. If the car is in neutral, the clutch isn't depressed and the neutral switch is bad, the ECU doesn't know that it's in neutral so it assumes you...
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    Installed new ignition switch today (Protege5)

    Did mine about a month ago, used a ratcheting 90 degree screwdriver to reach that SOB. I'll use this method the next time - if the car lives long enough to need another one!
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    Mazda Protege5 parts

    Hi Griff58- Where are you located? Just wondering how much shipping would be for the JIC catback to zip 80905 (Colorado Springs). Thanks! tlott01
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    Stumbled across couple parts of anyone wants them

    PM sent/Conversation started.
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    Protege cabin air filter Installation

    Pretty sure I ordered all mine from Jim Ellis Mazda - Mazdaswag and OnlineMazdaParts also have them in stock. For my 03 P5 I didn't need the heater case half, the opening was already molded in. Just had to open it up with an Xacto knife. Parts needed were the filter, filter plug/seal, the...
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    JDM FS-DE question

    I swapped one into my 03 P5 about 2 years ago that I got from JDM Place Houston. Thought it was a -ZE at first because it had the intake manifold with the resonance chamber on it, but when I pulled the valve cover to check the cams I found that they were FS1G castings, not FSH9. Best guess is...
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    Mazda Protege5 PART OUTS

    Hi Jperera, Do you have a clean Laser Blue rear hatch spoiler? The Colorado sun has finally cooked the clearcoat on mine. Shipping to 80905. Thanks in advance, tlott01
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    LF: Rear caliper mounting bracket, pads and a rotor???

    If you can't find any decent stuff in a junkyard, go to Decent parts at very good prices, and they usually have a pretty wide selection for price vs quality so you can get what you want.
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    College Student First Car Build

    I had a yellow P5 rental before I bought my Laser Blue - EVERYBODY wanted to race the yellow one! For OEM parts, try Jim Ellis Mazda and Quirk Parts, I've had luck finding things like MSP/MP3 struts and steering knuckles from them. If aftermarket will do RockAuto is your friend. Enjoy the ride!
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    On Porting + Polishing Intake Manifold...Am I Missing Something?

    +1 for the grille/MAF mod. Haven't been anywhere near a dyno with this car but butt dyno felt a difference.
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    ABS light comes on above 110MPH

    Anything past 88 MPH is overkill; as long as you have 1.21 GW available...
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    Protege cabin air filter Installation

    I did this a few months back, had to do a little fit & trim to get the filter to slide in nicely. Also got 15 years of leaves, hair and such vacuumed out of the heater box after I cut it open. Question: Do the filters for this fit anything else besides Euro-spec 626/Premacy and...
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    Looking for suitable summer tires 4 P5.

    I've gone as tall as 205/55/16 on the factory rims; those made my speedometer read dead on, but they are very close to the lower spring seats on the struts. The 205/50s work great and give you a whole lot more tire options. Not sure why Mazda spec'd 195s but they must have had some reason.
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    noisy front-end, most likely strut mounts...

    Inner tie rods can get worn & clunky, possible to change them with the rack on the car but PITA. I changed one chasing my noises, then replaced the rack with a rebuilt from RockAuto. Bigger PITA, but my steering is nice & smooth now. Have to drop the crossmember to get it out; the hardest part...
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    Fs-ze question

    Hi guys, The JDM engine I swapped into my P5 has the exact same intake manifold w/resonance chamber on it, but apparently came from an MPV as it had the "torque" cams in it, not the FSH9 -ZE cams. You might want to pop the cam cover and see what you actually have in there. On TheMANs' advice I...
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    noisy front-end, most likely strut mounts...

    Yes, because the strut shaft extends through the strut mount and is held together by that 17mm nut on top. There is also a bearing in there between the upper spring hat and the strut mount that lets the strut rotate when you turn. They can also go bad, either by wearing out or cracking. Changed...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Swapped out my cheapo junkyard Eibach springs for new Racing Beats. They were low but really stiff, too much for my Tokico HPs to damp and speed bumps were really bad. If it was only getting driven on a track they might be OK with Illuminas. Also installed my Cusco lower front brace, courtesy...
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    Another braking system question

    Brown brake fluid is no bueno - brake fluid absorbs water over time, and the brown indicates corrosion in your brake system.
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    What is this throttle body hose?

    Rockbird, Looks like the vacuum hose for the power brake booster. A crack would let un-metered air bypass the MAF sensor and throw your fuel/air ratio off; should also reduce the power assist on the brakes. A generic hose might work if you can get it to fit, but the OEM hose isn't too pricey...
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    WTB: 02-03 Protege ES door panel

    Found - mods can delete this FOUND! Mods can close this thread.