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    CX-7 acceleration issue - lost for causes

    Check your spark plugs and turbocharger operation. I just purchased a CX7 that ran poorly. I discovered the plugs were fowled due to high oil consumption due to a failed turbo. Once the plugs were replaced, the car ran much better but was very low on power as the turbo was seized.
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    Mazda Remote Starter

    I second this. From the troubleshooting section of the remote starter manual: (4) Horn honks 2 times & vehicle does not remote start - Safety input activated. a. Ensure hood is closed and hood switch is adjusted properly (See Section 24). b. Ensure brake pedal is not depressed. c. Ensure good...
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    Remote Start Woes

    It sounds like it's an antenna issue in regard to the DNA module. There are a few wraps of wire around the ignition cylinder that transmit the stored key code to the vehicle's immobilizer, essentially tricking the immobilizer to "think" a key was present. If this antenna wrap isn't installed...
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    Spent 15 hrs in my MSP getting home from work in the snow!

    I got lucky and headed toward Canton at about 1:45 PM. It took me 3 hours to get there taking backroads of backroads (including some dirt/gravel roads). Had I left any later, I think my story would have been much more like yours. Crazy stuff.
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    We performed a fuel test on my CSP Miata with GRM and, on average, we discovered that we had to flow about 48% more fuel with E85 versus gasoline. I had to up-size the injectors to 550cc with a peak duty cycle of 55%. As a comparison, 93 octane pump gas had a peak duty cycle of 37% on the same...
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    Is The MX-3 Fanbase.. DEAD?!

    It really is. It's not quick, but we can pull about 135mph around Daytona in a draft. This little car has seen over 13,000 track miles since I built it on the same 130,000 mile N/A BP. I love driving this thing.
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    Is The MX-3 Fanbase.. DEAD?!

    My ChumpCar MX3: Sister car (left) and mine (right): And one more:
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    How is your miata?

    There was no '98 in the US. It's either going to be a 97 or a 99. Both have a 1.8, however, they differ significantly between the year change.
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    Speedometer Leaking Oil?

    That's new to me too. One good thing is that the speedo cable is completely isolated from the oil feed at the transmission and it's impossible for transmission oil to make it up to the cluster. The only thing that comes to mind is that it's possibly a bit of seepage from the needle's bearing...
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    Hello from Los Angeles

    Welcome! I'm glad to see another white NA. I bought mine almost ten years ago for the same purpose (auto-x). Your paint appears to be in great condition considering most of the early white ones tend to peel.
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    ECU question

    You can't easily use the stock ECU without a bunch of band-aids. However, there are full standalone programmable ECU's available. Check out the MSPNP at
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    '97 miata 1.8L

    There are no chips available, but there are full standalone programmable ECU's available. Check out the MSPNP at
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    low oil pressure indacater not workin

    Your oil pressure won't be low because of a leak from the valve cover. I'm not sure what you're asking other than that.
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    2002 Mazda P5. Why did I..

    +1 I had the exact same problem. TrippleXCA, just replace the O2 sensor. Your ECU is throwing you codes telling you that it's bad. Also, you can get away with a generic O2 sensor for $40-$50 less than what you mentioned.
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    Mazda MX5 2003 1.6 Cambelt or cam chain?

    Overseas NBs were sold with the 1.6 also. I don't think the OP is located in the US. To answer the question though, all 90-05 Miatas, regardless of engine, have a timing belt.
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    D Prepared Miata Build

    I have a feeling you'll have a lot more rear lock up issues without that needle valve in there. Should be good for a fun ride.
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    Old Miata, New Engine??

    Any engine change between 1990 and 2005 is essentially a bolt in procedure. I have an '01 1.8 in my '90 chassis.
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    Is this a legit upstream Oxygen sensor?

    I had two of those inexpensive Ebay O2 Sensors fail in a year. I ended up biting the bullet and going with a Bosch and haven't had any problem's since. Buyer beware.
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    Start Problem

    Have your battery tested. Sounds like it's a bit weak.
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    Five years later...

    Yup. 2 Miatas, P5, MX3, and the Tracer with the AWD + BPT. Greetings, Ron!