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    Off Topic List your previous and current vehicles

    2003 protege 5 yellow 2003.5 protege 5 laser blue 2007 cx7 gt grey 2014 cx5 gt red mica 2015 cx5 gt red mica 2016 cx9 gt pearl white I have a thing for Mazdas
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    Here's what happened to me yesterday

    why leave the fob in it ?
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    Anyone ever in a movie or on a TV show?

    i have a friend who is a nurse she has a recurring role on chicago med. they film at the hospital she works at. she has been in almost every episode so far
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    CX-5 Fuel Leak Recall and Stop Sale

    when i traded in my last cx5 for my new one they gave me a loaner cx5 till they could locate the cx 5 i wanted. i had a loaner car for like 6 days. it was sweet. best mazda dealer i have ever delt with. ive bought 4 cars from them. cj wilson mazda in countryside illinois.! i need to go in for an...
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    to buy or lease ?

    83 views and not any thoughts or advice lol...damn.....bump ?
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    to buy or lease ?

    so i've always bought my cars, but i always like to have a new car every few years. my commute to work is about 5 miles total. my fiance has a new terrain for our road trips that we usually take since i hate to fly. i got my 2016 cx5 back in march of 15 and right now i have about 7400 miles on...
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    Cargo Liner for 2016 CX-5 Touring

    yeah i have the oem one...its awesome and the price isnt too bad
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    Remote Start, Cargo Tray, and Door Sill Trim Plates, worth the cost?

    i did buy the cargo tray and i like it. kinda pricey but its good quality. and i want the remote start at well but hard to part with that kind of coin
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    Anyone still around want to meet up?

    keep us posted if you hear about any, id like to make it out this summer :)
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    Anyone still around want to meet up?

    anyone still out there want to try and set up a meet this summer or spring?? we used to have lots of good times. my weekends are usually up idseas if anyone is left (sad2)
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    New Member - 2016 CX-5 Touring Deep Crystal Blue lease

    welcome...1000 miles a month is easy lol... i just traded in my '14 and i had 15k on it got it nov 2013
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    New Soul CX5. Lovin' it

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    WTB: 2015 grand Touring rims for cx-5

    looking for the upgraded rims for the cx5.. i have the touring rims. seeing if anyone is looking to sell
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    Headliner color

    mine too
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    Added a 2nd Mazda to the family stable

    looking good!
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    MLB Pitcher C.J. Wilson and his Tuned Mazda CX-5

    i bought mine from his dealer in lagrange... the zombie cx5 was cool but not worth the money....havent seen it there in a while.
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    V-Led Triton V3's installed: 5k Switchbacks and Amber Rear Turn Signals.

    did they have a group buy on here or did their website offer a discount? i really like the look of those.
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    The Mazda Salesman/Dealer Post Purchase Survey??

    i think i got one but it was about 5 months later.. i had a great experience so i did give all 10's
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    I miss this place sometimes.

    yeah i dont think its died. we have just gotten older and different priorities. my buddy is on another forum. jdmchicago. and their monthly meets have hundreds of cars that turn out. and im still wishing someone would make things for my car lol... cant get into the scene if there is nothing to...
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    I miss this place sometimes.

    yeah this place has pretty much died .. i havent seen any mazda guys in a few years...i ran into anna a while back at a cubs game. but i also miss all the fun we had