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    Need help diagnosing engine problem

    Also, check if you upper and lower timing cover is rubbing against your WP pulley.
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    FS Protege 5 Racing Beat Cat-Back

    Do you have an image of the Racing Beat cat back?
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    FORScan Lite OBD Scanner

    The cooling fan would not turn on after I stopped to wait for a train to cross. Waited for about 10 minutes. When I read through the FSM, I found sensor voltage is based on coolant temp. The higher the temp, the lower the voltage. The app showed voltage stuck at 0.75 V at 98 C. Did have a...
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    FORScan Lite OBD Scanner

    Wanted to share an extremely helpful resource not just for our cars, but other Mazda and Ford vehicles. FORScan Lite for iOS, and Android, is a gem I stumbled across a couple months ago while looking for an app to match my ELM327 WiFi scanner. Found this app extremity helpful in diagnosing a...
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    Bearing help asap.

    I used Timken 510003 Bearing when I had the job done 2 years ago for my P5. Direct fit and gave me no issues.
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    Replacement fog lights in Canada?

    Is that price for a new pair of fog light assemblies?? That seems too excessive of a price. Honestly, I would look in local junkyards for P5s with decent used fog lights.
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    New Mazda P5

    I’m assuming you have the tiptronic shifter. At least it’s more “sporty” compared to the 02’s up/down shifter haha. I would look at planning for a timing belt service. At that mileage, there could be a chance the car is still running on the OEM belt. While your down there you can get the...
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    2003.5 MSP Right Fog Light Delete

    Hello guys and gals. I have for you an end of year special that you don’t want to miss. I have in my possession a pristine right fog light delete off a 2003.5 MSP. Plastic has surface dirt but other than that plastic is not cracked nor brittle. PM for price details if spam...
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    Oh you're looking for protege parts? I've got some!

    Are the wires still up for grabs?
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    O/D Light is Blinking

    How are your connectors for the MAF and Air Temp Sensor. I had the O/D light flash at me a couple months ago when I was changing my MAF Sensor and forgot to plug the connectors.
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    Can someone identify these parts?

    On the first picture on the right it looks like adjustable end links. The center look like sway bar bushings.
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    engine cranks but does not start error codes: p0171 p0455 p1569 p1250

    Saw your post when it first went live. P1250 has to do with the fuel pressure solenoid on top of the intake manifold (located beside the throttle body.) I had this issue a few weeks ago. Check wiring to make sure there aren't any possible shorts. There is a way to test the solenoid. My guess is...
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    2003.5 Protege5 Wiring Harness (automatic trans)

    It's hard to tell. It looks like it may be a non-ABS harness. The brake lines are coming out from the master cylinder. The ABS pump is under the battery tray and has a gray with white rectangular connector. I think the brake lines go down from the MC to the pump then out.
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    Advice and Opinions needed

    Are you looking to add some performance or aesthetics mods?
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    Help me please xD

    Have you checked any blown fuses?
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    Neutral Safety Switch Location?

    Located in front of the radiator fan. You will see the shifter linkage cable attach to the switch.