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    Any way to prevent rear view camera from getting wet ?

    it is possible to change the camera at the back with a better resolution?
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    Outside temp reading slow

    Is it my car or others with outside temp reading really slow - can take upto 5 min or more to display a stable temp on the guage. Something to show to dealer?? I have 2 other cars and they are quick- less than a min
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    Question about extended warranty

    Dealers wanted around $1500-1600 for this warranty 7y/100K just a month ago
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    CX-9 Driver Visibility

    Agree the A pillars are wide but they are not that bad compared to other SUVs. Things that are closeby should be visible at intersections- I don't see that as a big issue. Again everyone is different !!
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    Winter driving

    Mazda AWD in snow should be pretty good as seen on few PRO videos. Tires are the biggest factor and if they Eco tires like I have in my CX-9, they will not have that much grip vs a snow tires or regular tires good in wet conditions. It shouldnt be that worse what OP is saying in the post - there...
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    Is it possible to adjust fog lights?

    completely agree here
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    2019 CX-9 Backup Camera Not working

    On few occasions , my back camera does not work when i take it out of garage and I doing things in quick succession - starting the car and putting in reverse without system completely booting up. So then I go back to Park mode and then shift back to reverse to get the camera activated on the...
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    CX-9 reliability by CR posted in CX-5 forum
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    2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings of CX-5 and a few competitors

    In-Car electronics seems to a bit weaker point - worries me a bit for 2019 GT. Does that make a case for extended warranty?
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    Sad day, but it protected me well!

    This is almost private party value for your car. I know it will be a loss anyways for anyone but insurance company valuation seems ok. Best thing is that you are safe. Good luck finding the new CX-9 !
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    list of gripes about 2019 GT

    But the items I listed in my post are very simple fixes and those can be worked around by Mazda with not too much of a cost- mostly are programming and some with little more electronics. Once they fix these issues, it could very well complete with MDX albeit with smaller cargo space
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    Extended Warranty & Appearance Protection coverage ?

    DRL could be tricky as it "may" not be covered if the led failed but honestly no ones gives a correct answer as I talked to couple of Mazda service folks. 3rd party warranties also may not cover it - as headlight bulb items are not covered - maintenance item
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    list of gripes about 2019 GT

    I thought i wrote about the Outside temp gauge on one of the post and I can't remember now The outside temp gauge seems to be quite slow in giving the temp readout. I have 2007 pilot and it is very quick but in CX-9 i see it dropping and I think it might take 2-3 minutes or more to give me a...
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    Is it possible to adjust fog lights?

    I thought someone on the forum wrote that parts are identical to pre and post June 2019 models. Though IIHS claims to have post june 2019 models to have better light spread. I got mine adjusted a bit and they go tiny bit further now. I do not have access to any post june 2019 model and so can...
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    list of gripes about 2019 GT

    Has somebody noticed that outside temp gauge takes a while to get to correct temp - it is so slow. I am just wondering if mine is faulty or Mazda put some cheapo temp gauge?
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    Is it possible to adjust fog lights?

    If in warranty, Dealer can do it - they made minor adjustment to mine - as allowed legally
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    Is it possible to adjust fog lights?

    either headlights are so bright that foglights appear non-existent or that foglight output are dismal. Will be nice to see if we can move these in left and right directions as well ?
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    Some beginner CX-9 questions about the car

    the big dial (main) knob that controls the infotainment screen-
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    2020 Jan map available...

    Do the traffic updates come for only 3 years on the new car? These are coming from Sirius XM ?
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    2017~2023 Looking for someone with a 2017+ non North American Mazda w/ Lane-Keep Assist

    what do you mean by "can get annoying" I wish this feature was available to NA but interesting it is offered in non-NA market🤔