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  1. Mazdiod2

    Replace rear brake pads and Rotors @40,000 Miles?

    I'm pretty sure brakes make a screeching noise when there is metal on metal from completely worn pads.
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    2021 CE CX-5 2.5T Needs transmission replacement at 10k miles!

    Your low mileage transmission might become someone's remanned replacement after they fix it.
  3. Mazdiod2

    Screwed up brake job - Help!

    There are good write ups with details on this forum. When you put the brakes in maintenance mode you get a confirmation.
  4. Mazdiod2

    Screwed up brake job - Help!

    There is a thread with someone who was able to fix them. I think basically he disassembled them and then reassembled them in the proper reset condition.
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    Low Engine Oil Warning Light on new CX-5

    I've never heard of a specific test for oil consumption. I always record the date and mileage for each oil change amd reference.
  6. Mazdiod2

    2013~2016 Chopped in hot / power seats

    When I bought mine they told me adding heated seats was plug n play.
  7. Mazdiod2

    Push start Amber flashing issue

    If there is a way to selectively ad heat to certain parts before you start it might help you diagnose.
  8. Mazdiod2

    Push start Amber flashing issue

    Could it be something is cold sensitive? What is different about parking in gear vs neutral could be a clue but is that under the dash or in the transmission?
  9. Mazdiod2

    Cranking Time

    If I press the start button with the clutch depressed it cranks immediately. if I don't press the clutch it goes to ACC mode and you can hear the pump. Maybe with AT you can put it in D -- it shouldn't crank.
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    The trunk door is fully unlocked after a second click only?

    I think you can set the remote to open all doors with either one or two clicks. I don't know why the hatch would only open partway with just one click.
  11. Mazdiod2

    Cranking Time

    If the electrical system seems ok could it be bad gas? Have you changed where you buy it?
  12. Mazdiod2

    The trunk door is fully unlocked after a second click only?

    You will have to use your model and year to see if there is a TSB, for example.
  13. Mazdiod2

    The trunk door is fully unlocked after a second click only?

    Issues like this are reported by model and year.
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    Knocking/Popping Noise from driver front tire area on new 2022 CX-30

    The part wasn't worn out but rather had some kind of manufacturing defects. Yet somehow the part made it onto a new car. I wonder what was wrong with it?
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    Brand New 2022 CX5 Transmission Problems? Updated!

    There have been reports of some new Mazdas with various low fluids.
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    Replacement brakes

    Do you open the bleeder before you perform the EPB procedure? Replacing the pads is pretty easy, other than jacking up the car to remove the wheel. I've never had any rotors than had to be replaced. If there are grooves on the rotors be sure and gradually break in the brakes to bed them to the...
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    Larger Tires and Electronic Systems

    The tires I bought (LX25) have 12/16 tread. When they wear down to 4/16 that's quite a change. Are you thinking of tires with very deep treads? Or some with maybe 9/16?
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    Rodents eating wiring in cars. Does Mazda have this problem?

    Those shipping containers have gone up in price but you can still find used ones. They are rodent proof.
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    Replace rear brake pads and Rotors @40,000 Miles?

    Maybe remove the rear wheel and look at the rotors and the pads. If the rotors are severely rusty or pitted, or especially if warped, you could use new rotors. You could take some pics and post them.
  20. Mazdiod2

    2022 CX-9 Rear speakers virtually no volume

    Weird, if you ask me. I don't have this version but I can set the volume on any channel to get really loud.