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    09 Mazda 3 factory head unit... keeping it but helping the sound volume/clarity

    For what its worth, I agree with chuyler1 is offering very solid advice by sending someone with so many quesitons toward Crutchfield. In all, yes there maybe better gear for a lower price on a site like sonixelectronics, but there there is also a complete mountain of Monkey s*** there too. Only...
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    One third of drivers can't recognize this idiot light

    They need an LCD screen instead of a light cluster that flashes. PUT AIR IN YOUR ******* TIRES BEFORE THE TRUCK FLIPS b****! and of coarse a Spanish button
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    Toyota puts a price to a more 'sinister' Scion tC

    Let me add the only positive to be had to this thread....Holy s***, factory 3-way component speakers...NICE! Other then that, ick.
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    bad movie my ass, its one of the best pieces of Cinema EVER!
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    Its the perfect idea. Example 1. Was writing a paper for a Foreign policy class at UNH. I got HAMMERED. So bad, the day I passed it in, I didn't even remember what it said. Two days later the instructor handed it out as an example of how to write a paper in his class...that was the first time...
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    WHere to buy clothes

    INteresting bump to a year old thread. As a follow up. I got a bunch of stuff at TJ Maxx and jeans at macys who was having a levis sale. Problem is I dropped 45 pounds since then so nothing fits me any more. BACK TO THE STORES!
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    I can pay you in beer for showing me how to tile.
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    My aunt is a coorperate head hunter and she gae me a few tips last month on mine. 1. If you have had more then two job in two years, your resume is going in the trash. So if this is the case...stretch the time lines a little. 2. Have a decent email address listed, not something goofy. 3.List any...
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    need house help. Any mortgage type people out there

    I can do the labor with supervisions as when it comes to construction, I am a complete meathead.
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    need house help. Any mortgage type people out there

    I am in a bit of a stalemate with my current home. The location is great, the land is really good for me but the house itself is lacking. Problem is there are SO many things that need to get done, I really dont know where to start nor do I have the massive amount in cash needed to start it. As...
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    So I promise myself I am done. I say I don't need this stuff anymore. I work toward saving some money and paying extra on some bills. THEN I GO AN BUY A TURBO, INTER-COOLER, AND LARGER INJECTORS and I know....I know the clutch will be short lived by doing this. So within 6 months I will have to...
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    New MP3 owner

    Do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER a turbo on this car. Get it out of your mind now. There is just no point when you consider how much it costs for such a little return in performance. Been there done that. There is a good reason just about everyone that ever made a turbo kit...
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    Does the Protege MP3 NEED to use premium fuel?

    Some people choose to smoke crack. Basically, he either adjusted his driving habits or he is very mistaken. running lower octant will cause the car to run rich meaning it uses more fuel, not less.
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    Does the Protege MP3 NEED to use premium fuel?

    He means its SLOW! (hi)
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    Nissan Juke priced to take on Mini Cooper

    I like the little bugger but at around $23K its too far into the RAV4 territory. Not to mention the better looking, larger, and equally equipped Kia Sportage is out too. Price needs to be cut $3K across the model line otherwise they got a dud here.
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    I think it had more to do with LCDs and plasmas price coming down to damn near that of the projection stuff. LCD projection is dead as well after all. Projection just sucks compared to Direct view displays. Projector contrast ratios still make me laugh my ballz off. Although, 3-chip DLP is...
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    What do you use to clean your engine bay ??

    optimum power clean. Great / safe for engine bays. Can also be diluted for use on wheels and tires. Get the gallon
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    Review: 2010 Honda Civic Si HFP not fast, is curious

    I say they have given up as the Si is hardly on par with the other offerings at $25K for sport compacts. Today has a great cross section. AWD : WRX FWD: MS3 RWD: genesis (the 2.0T is not up to par without a reflash tune in all honesty)
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    Review: 2010 Honda Civic Si HFP not fast, is curious

    And of coarse Hyundai is starting to piss in everyone's cheerios.
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    speakers help! !!!!

    You don't need an amp. If they are playing and their just seems to be a lack of bass, you most likely have the polarity reversed ( + and - backwards). Fade and balance to zero. If when fading to the back, the bass increase, the rear speakers are out of polarity...both of them. If you fade all...