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  1. J

    GENUINE CarPlay + Android Auto is HERE!

    Had this done at the dealership yesterday on my 2016 CX-3. The $500+ price tag was a little steep but I LOVE IT!!! Very cool!!!
  2. J

    CX-3 Serpentine Belt

    Hello All, I'm considering replacing the serpentine belt in my 2016 CX-3 Grand Touring. I've done belts on other cars before. Has anyone done this on a CX-3 before? Did you think it was particularly difficult? Any tips/tricks?
  3. J

    Carplay/ AA on your CX-3?

    I had this installed in my 2016 CX-3 yesterday. I've just been playing with it a little but I already LOVE IT!! The $500+ price tag was a little steep.