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    For Sale 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Part Out!

    How much would you want for the front bumper and lip, I'm located in Brooklyn
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Added a new air freshener 😊
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    Protege5 DG Motorsports Rear Carbon Fiber Trim Lip

    How much shipped to 11385?
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    OBX 4-1 Header $60 OBO, OEM 16" Wheels 5-spoke

    How much for the header shipped to 11378
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    FS Fidanza Flywheel

    How many miles in that friction plate?
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    Engine swap

    That is so bad ass
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    Rear p5 DG cf rear valance

    Obo bump
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    Rear p5 DG cf rear valance

    Obo bump
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    Rear p5 DG cf rear valance

    What's up guys, I have for sale probably one of the last if not last DG CF rear valance in circulation. This is an as is sale the item is used with no cracks, and pretty glossy for being about 14yrs old. $250 shipped obo, lower 48
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    FS-JDM Carbing 1 piece front strut brace Mazda Protege

    What's the estimated delivery time to the states (11378)
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    Odd sound when clutching

    you either have bad engine mounts, low on oil and your valve train is making noise, or you have piston slap/rod knock
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    Just got a Protege5 Looking for some help

    I would go ahead and take the intake manifold off, and see if the screws from the butterfly valves didn't come off and cause the damage to that valve, and definitely replace the rear motor mount with a poly one even if it looks fine, because replacing it while the manifold is on is "a dubious...
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    performance parts

    If you want noticeable power, make a list of what you want as far as parts, save up, once you have everything on that list then install, you won't notice much with a piece here and a piece there, and as already mentioned the best upgrade (n/a power wise) is the MP3 ecu flash/swap, the cheapest...