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    2016~2023 What to Do? Brake Fluid Reservoir Overfilled and Puddle on Garage Floor

    I wanted to change my brake fluid. I decided to use a funnel to help top the reservoir before I start the bleeding process. My idiot-self poured fluid into the funnel while watching the brake fluid reservoir level. By the time I realize the funnel fluid level went up too, it was too late, the...
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    2016~2023 Front Passenger Side Brake Squealing When Hot

    So my front passenger brake pads decided to squeal again. The fix only lasted a day. Stubborn as I am, over the weekend, decided to take another stab at fixing this issue and if it fails, get new pads. There is a TSB for this issue that suggest the cause is due to the chamfer design wearing...
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    16-17 owners ... what warranty work have you needed?

    So far only warranty work I've had done on my 2016 are: 1. Replace Squeaky rear passenger side spring due to MSP49 TSB 02-004/18 2. Black/blank screen from infotainment screen due to TSB 09-034/17 Also I requested the dealership to update PCM to latest version due to an intermittent shaky idle...
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    Tire replacement recommendation (current generation CX-9)

    Swapped the factory Falken Ziex CT50 to Michelin Defender LTX thru Discount Tires recently due to unpatchable nail near the sidewall. So far, I like them, they feel more quiet and more stable on the freeway. They seem to absorb bumps/potholes better than the factory set. However the steering...
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    2016~2023 2016+ Transfer Case Fluid Replace?

    This isn't called out in the maintenance schedule. I haven't had to do this yet, but I am at 35k. I did speak with a service advisor recently and was recommended to do a drain and fill at 60k along with the transmission fluid.
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    Tire Pressure issue

    My 2 cents would be to: 1. Check and adjust tire pressure on all four tires in early morning after car has sat over night. 2. Press and hold the TPMS button on the left side console left of steering wheel for three seconds until it beeps.
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    New CX-5; 655 miles. Looking for tips on initial wax, care, etc.

    Given the environment and setting you are in, I would inquire places that specialize in auto detailing in the Spokane area. You can probably make do with visiting an auto detailer twice a year just to get wax done. Ziebart come up on Yelp in the Spokane area. An alternative to waxing your car...
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    New CX-5; 655 miles. Looking for tips on initial wax, care, etc.

    I use Meguiar products as well since they don't cost an arm and a leg and produce great results. If I ever happen to pick up a new car and start over, this is what I would do: Rinse car with a high pressure washer like a Sun Joe using 25 degree nozzle tip. Use a snow foam cannon like the ones...
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    Our new CX-5: brake dust on wheels, care, future pad selection?

    I haven't paid attention to the amount of brake dust. But it is likely break-in miles where the pad material is trying to bed-in to the rotor. I clean my wheels with the same ez detail brush that you likely found on amazon and a microfiber towel. If I am not washing the whole car and just the...
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    2016~2023 Front Passenger Side Brake Squealing When Hot

    I just finished doing the same thing on my front pads. Had to turn the wheels and get a breaker bar on this beast. Forgot dual piston calipers are torqued more. I will see how it goes... The slider pins had barely any grease on them... Just a small dab at the tip of the pins. I have my fingers...
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    2016~2023 Front Passenger Side Brake Squealing When Hot

    This is on a 2016 CX-9 with 34k miles. Noise doesn't happen when cold. When the pads are warmed up after driving 15-20 minutes with normal use, the noise begin to happen when applying brakes at low speeds like 30 mph or less until car is stopped. There is a squeal like noise coming from the...
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    Oil Consumption or incorrect capacity listed?

    Same observation. It's pretty close to 5.5 quarts to reach full mark on my 2015. I put the front of the car up on rhino ramps. Pull out oil filter and drain plug and let the car drain for an hour and then reinstall. Then I fill it up with 5 quarts. After lowering and running the car, turning...
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    Rear Brake Pad Wear Indicator Clip Position

    Thanks for the response. A few days after I did the install, i decided to re-orient the passenger side so that the clips were positioned at the bottom position. It didn't take too long to pull the tire and pads out and redo the grease and shims. The paranoia was making me lose sleep. Not only...
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    Rear Brake Pad Wear Indicator Clip Position

    I installed new rear OEM pads and shims yesterday. I took out the driver side pads and installed the new one with new shims with the indicator clip at the bottom position of the caliper. This was how the old ones came out. I assumed the rear passenger side pads would be the same orientation. So...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Changed out my 2016 CX-9 Cabin Air Filter today. It looked pretty moldy after three years and 28.5k miles of use. See image.
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    2016 Mazda CX-9 GT Surging when stopped...

    Reviving this thread. I wanted to see if anyone was able to get this issue root caused or get this resolved. I've experienced this three times in the 18 months that I owned this car and Mazda dealership can't reproduce and has no clue. It goes away if I turn off the car and start it again...
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    2016 CX-9 Automatic Transmission Fliud Replace?

    Because of this -> I am going to do this same thing at 60k. 30k just seems a bit early. In my opinion, Mazda's for life fluid means until warranty expires.
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    2018 Touring rattle on passenger door

    I don't have a rattle on door, but I do have a rattle under the driver dashboard. It's coming from the plastic surrounding the fuel door release and hood release levers. If I push my finger against the fuel door or hood release cables, the rattles go away. Must be from popping the hood so much...
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    2016 CX-9 Oil Consumption

    Might want to see if your engine air filter is dirty and if so, try to gently vacuum the debris out. I did this for my car at 15k miles. Planning to replace the air filter at 30k miles.